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The brush for cream blush is playing an important role in makeup. The blush brush specifically refers to the tool used for blush when making up. Its usage is divided into painting and brushing. There are many different types of appearance, such as pointed round, beveled, flat or round heads, etc. How to choose?

The appearance of the brush changes a lot, and the style is not fixed, but it is usually smaller than the powder brush, and the brush head is flat and the top is flat. It mainly has the shape of a pointed round, round, bevel, flat head, etc., and the material is mouse hair, goat hair, horse hair, nylon hair, etc. Many people use it for blush, but also other cosmetics.

As long as the material is soft and skin-friendly, it will be more comfortable to touch the face. The more common giant goat hair, followed by horse hair and mouse hair, but no matter which material it is, there will be a difference in quality. For example, the same goat hair is of good quality and some are just average, so the key is to choose your actual comfort level when purchasing.

The bristles are soft and comfortable as long as they look at the material. Depending on the brush with different functions, the appropriate bristle material should be selected. As for the size, there is no fixed standard for big or small sizes. It depends on your hand, habits, and face shape. If you like a light hand and a small face, buy a small one. If you like a thicker hand and a stronger texture, buy a large one.

When buying a brush for cream blush, pay attention to its three main components, brush handle, bristles, and connecting handle. Some of the brush handles are long and some are short. It doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you feel comfortable. The location of the connection is generally better in metal.

How to use a brush for cream blush?

Blush can enhance the complexion of the face, and accentuates the effect of a natural flush. Choosing shades that are close to your skin tone is very important. The center position of the blush will be different from person to person, and a reasonable positioning is a rock to apply blush.

Whether it is a soft or intense blush brush, in the end, it will determine the overall effect of your makeup. A good blush brush can make blush easy and natural. It’s not hard to use a cream blush brush. First, you can dip some blush powder with a brush, then shake off the excess blush powder on it, apply other blush to the face, or swipe directly on the face, and then fill in the individual uneven positions. That’s it.

Combine the contrast of light and shade with the face shape to make the face shape more three-dimensional. The lack of light and shade will make the face shape flatter. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to this principle when using the blush brush. You can use blush and contouring to create a three-dimensional face.

Different from the blush that you wear on working days. The blush you apply to a party can be exaggerated and sexier. The large round brush has an excellent smudge effect and can be selected as the brush for cream blush. If you want to apply a different stunning look, consider such a brush.

When you apply the cream blush, first swap the right amount of the blush on your cheek. Smudge it until you feel it is right. If you are going out to a pub, you may want the makeup to look obvious. So the amount you apply may be heavier than usual. As you may want to look different under the disco light.

To create a three-dimensional blush, you usually choose a range of shades ranging from apples to cheekbones to temples. Note that it does not exceed the midline of the eyes inward, and does not exceed the bottom line of the nose downward. After determining the range, use a large brush to quickly apply the blush in a diagonal sweep. Remember to apply the blush evenly.