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Do you know what is a buff brush used for and have you ever used it before? If you want to create a shinier, softer and smoother effect, you should try the buff brush. It is a versatile brush with finer bristles and the ability to grip powder, and it is also very easy for makeup newcomers to learn and accomplish a flattering look.

The buff brush is a kind of foundation brush, so, what are the common foundation brushes?

Flat-Topped Foundation Brush (buff brush)

Flat-topped foundation brushes are sometimes called kabuki or buff brushes, and today this type of brush is widely popular. They have very fine bristles and possess a great ability to grip powder. These bristles are cut to have an even flat top or sometimes a very slightly domed top, but remain mostly flat. They can also be angled so that they can get into the crevices of the face.

This brush is designed to provide maximum coverage of our face and create a flawless contour.

Flat Foundation Brush

It is also very common in everyday makeup. The flat shape with a rounded tip is suitable for matching light-textured foundation. Use the flat-tipped foundation brush a small amount of foundation from the middle of the face outward in a circle to apply makeup until the foundation is evenly applied. You can use the brush upright at the nose and around the eyes for small details. For novices it may not be easy to grasp and brush marks may easily appear.

Stippling Foundation Brush

Because of the rise of the flat-top foundation brush, this type of brush is no longer popular. These brushes are often called double fiber brushes and are similar in shape to flat top brushes, but with one major difference. They have a bunch of fibers packed tightly together, some longer and some shorter. They polish and blend at the same time, giving a cleaner and more natural feel to the makeup.

However, if it’s too light to the touch, the foundation you apply with this brush will end up looking streaky, which is probably why it was abandoned in favor of brushes with super soft bristles that have an even surface.

In addition to this, there are some uniquely designed foundation brushes, but functionally speaking, there is not much difference. It’s more about merchants seeking uniqueness and differentiation of their products. If you are interested in those new trendy designs, you can try them.

Now that you should be clear about what is a buff brush used for, but how to use it?

How to use a buff brush

You can start by dabbing the foundation onto the skin, or you can apply a small amount to the brush. Then, using a circular motion, buff it into the skin.

● It is best to start in the center of the face and apply outward.

● The more pressure you use, the thinner your application will be, and the less pressure you use, the thicker it will be.

● Don’t try to use more product unless it really looks like your brush is no longer moving the foundation.

● Use the edge of the brush to get into the crevices of your face.

● After you have applied the first thin layer of foundation, you can then use more product to cover specific areas of your face.

● Use a combination of circular and dabbing motions to go ahead and blend the product.

Finally, the cleaning of the buff brush is also very important, which is crucial for the health of the skin and a clean makeup.

How to clean the buff brush?

Step 1: Mix baby bath, water and olive oil in the ratio of 1:1:1 to make a cleaner for cleaning. This proportion out of the cleaner is very suitable for washing animal hair foundation brush, mild and non-irritating, not hurt the hair.

Step 2: Immerse the bristles in the cleaner and see the powder melt and disperse, using the principle of oil dissolving oil to detach the foundation from the bristles.

Step 3: Paint on the palm until the bristles are clean, you can also finger massage gently, compared to silicone bristle cleaner, palm is softer.

Step 4: Finally, we rinse it off with running water, absorb the moisture on the bristles with clean kitchen paper, and hang the brush head in the downward direction to dry naturally.

Understanding what is a buff brush used for is very useful for us to deepen our understanding of beauty, and we will be able to choose more suitable makeup tools to create a charming look in the future.