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This tutorial will introduce pink lip liner and lipstick to help you distinguish whether it is suitable for you. With the widespread use of lip liner and lipstick, everyone has regarded them as an important product in makeup. Lipsticks are now available in a variety of colors, and in order to match the color of the lips, pink lipsticks seem to be favored by the majority of women.

However, not every girl can look pretty with the pink one. Girls with black, brown, and yellowish skin are not recommended to apply pink lip liner and lipstick, but if you have fair skin, it is very suitable to use pink color. Let’s get to know more about this color together.

Before we get started, I’d like to introduce the difference between lip liner and lipstick. Lipstick is generally solid with high color saturation and a strong ability to cover your lip color, which is often used to modify lip shape and lip color. While the main function of the lip liner is to improve the details of your lip shape, which can make up for the deficiencies of the lips that are too thick, too thin, too large and too small so that your lip shape will look more perfect.

Because pink gives people a young, warm and soft feeling. Bright pink lip liner or lipstick can leave a cute and charming impression. When making up a pastel-toned look, applying the gorgeous pink on the lips can add a touch of delicacy. And when you use pink lipstick, remember to pair it with an outfit of the same hue and you’ll have a spring-like look.

Although there is no hard and fast rule that pink lipstick should not be used on which skin type, not every skin tone and every outfit can bring out the charm of pink lipstick. And if there is a very distinctive color difference, it will be counterproductive because pink lipstick is not for everyone. Everyone has their own best one, and you should choose lipsticks or lip liners according to your age, skin tone, and your personality.

For example, when you are choosing red lipstick for brown skin, light pink lipsticks should be avoided, as these two colors will show a clear contrast that looks incongruous. Another example is the yellowish skin will appear sallow and unhealthy after the pink lipstick applied. However, pink lipstick or lip liner is perfectly suited for fair skin. After applying it, it will make your skin pink and lovely, showing your purity and beauty to people.

Pink lipsticks are not beautiful in every period. If the color of your makeup is yellowish in autumn and winter, you should choose warm color lipsticks or lip liners and try to avoid using pink lipsticks. While wearing pink lipstick in spring and summer will refresh you like spring and summer.

Notes on the usage of pink lipstick
1. Pink lipstick is suitable for girls with lighter lips, while it is not for darker lips. In addition, if it is a lipstick with fluorescent color, try not to apply it because your skin will appear very dark.

2. When wearing pink lipstick, try not to use blush because it will make the lips look dull.

3. Pink lipsticks are generally not appropriate for formal occasions. But when you are dating, shopping and taking street photography, that will be okay.

4. Pink lipstick can come with light makeup. Don’t paint smoky makeup.

5. When applying pink lipstick, you’d better wear cool-toned clothes, such as white, light blue, light green, etc.

6. Pink lipsticks are suitable for girls with fair skin, while a touch of pink will make the skin whiter. Girls with darker, browner, and yellower skin are not advised to apply pink lipstick.

In this tutorial, we mainly focus on the introduction of pink lip liner and lipstick according to their different function, the group of people that they are suited for, as well as the occasions when to wear them. Here I recommend a pink lipstick to you, the Spotlight Shiny Moist Slim Lipstick (color 2045) from Perfect Diary. You can click the website to check the product detail.