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  5. Why everyone needs brightening powder for under eyes?

The delicate brightening powder for under eyes not only covers skin blemishes slightly but also helps users to have a natural, perfect look. In addition, brightening powder can also be used to prolong the hold of other makeup products, such as concealer. Although it is white, it has a transparent tone on the skin. It especially lights up the eye area for a bright and fresh look. The texture of it does not show lines and wrinkles. It’s gently matte but still has a shiny surface with a visual refreshing effect.

Why is brightening powder for under eyes so popular?
In general, brightening is a new makeup painting method. I think, on the one hand, this is because people love to take pictures, in recent years. With the development of smartphones and social media, many people are eager to take photographs and videos to share on social media. So, the demand for a good makeup look is subsequently heightened. Brightening powder let people have a better state of makeup look. Of course, it becomes popular among people all over the world.

On the other hand, in recent years, with the development of society, the work pressure on young people has increased significantly. An unhealthy work schedule such as working overtime and staying up late makes people’s skin conditions not ideal. What’s more, with the development of cities, people have more and more nightlife, and unhealthy eating habits make people’s skin look less shiny.

As a result, makeup products such as brightening powder, which brightens the skin tone and enhances the overall skin condition, have become widely popular. Common eye shadows can generally be resolved with concealer. However, when the dark circles and bags under your eyes are too severe, applying extra layers of concealer is not as effective as applying the brightening powder under the eye.

Besides, with the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people pursue beauty regardless of gender and age. To keep their skin looking as youthful as possible, brightening powder is one of the best things you can choose. At the same time, you should also remember that what can make you look good is getting enough sleep. And you should also pay attention to a healthy diet.

What are the advantages of brightening powder for under the eyes?
First of all, brightening powder is a light concealer that brings out the natural glow of your skin while particularly brightening the eye area, resulting in a bright, fresh look. Secondly, brightening powder not only stabilizes the base makeup but also prolongs the concealer’s dressing time. Besides, the powder texture will not penetrate the lines and wrinkles on your face. The powder can gently grind the eye area, while leaving a shiny surface, making the overall look fresh. In addition, the ingredients of the product are healthy, and the quality is guaranteed.

How to use brightening powder for under eyes?
In general, our faces look flat after applying foundation and concealer. Then you need to dip a small amount of brightening powder into a cotton pad and press it under the eyes.  You can also use a small amount of it on the nasolabial folds and the bridge of the nose, which will make your face look naturally shiny. 

“Under eye brightening powders are the perfect way to elevate your concealer to the next level,” says makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who works with Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid. “If you have stopped being impressed by what your favorite concealer is doing under your eyes, or if you didn’t get enough sleep and your dark circles are peeking through, it’s the perfect insurance plan.” Mandy Moore’s makeup artist Kindra Mann used it to set her eye shadow for her Hollywood Walk of Fame look, according to US Weekly.

Choosing brightening powder for under eyes is not dependent upon whether you’re oily or dry. The brightening powder works on a range of skin tones. It brightens the eye area without the look and weight of concealer. You don’t have to worry about dark circles and bags under your eyes anymore. Brightening powder for under eyes can help you to own a less shadowy and more bright-eyed look.