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What does eyeshadow primer do? Some people are too lazy to use a primer. However, human eyelids are more prone to heat, so before applying eyeliner, apply a layer of primer eyeshadow on the eyelids. The purpose of the eyeshadow primer is to make the eyeshadow last longer and have better coloration. Eye makeup is easy to fall off without a prime layer. And it will protect the skin and won’t be absorbed by the skin.

Eye shadow primer is the first step in eye makeup success, and it can also maintain eye shadow longevity and improve color. Some people will directly use the “lightest color” in the eyeshadow palette and use an eyeshadow brush or finger to make a large area of the eyelid.

But for many girls who are new to makeup, eye shadow paint is the most annoying step, and it will turn into a mess if you don’t get it right. Especially, the dazzling array of eye makeup products dazzles many women!

So, how to draw eye shadow to look good? Eye makeup is the most common type of makeup for good reason. Just apply some mascara and your eyes will get bigger, and a little eyeshadow will instantly give your eyes a new look. No matter what shape or color your eyes are, you can take a variety of methods to make them always attractive.

What does eyeshadow primer do?

First of all, the eye shadow primer is to make the eye shadow show a better color effect, and at the same time make the eye shadow powder and the skin better fit, so that the eye makeup lasts longer. For example, in summer, if the eye makeup wears out quickly, it will be ugly at first, and secondly, it is not good for the skin.

Another important thing about eye shadow primer is to protect the skin around the eyes. Of course, this is only useful if you need a professional eyeshadow primer. If you just use light eyeshadow as a primer, it doesn’t have this effect.

If the eyelids are not primed before makeup, and it is easy to get oily and cause makeup to fall off. So having a good eye primer can give you a new lease of life for the eye shadow palette that has been in the cold. There are many things for eyeshadow primers.

Eyeshadow primer has two major functions, first is to moisten the skin, make the skin moist and smooth, so that the eye shadow will stick to the eye shadow, and the powder will not fall off after the eye shadow is applied.

In addition to choosing a transparent eye primer, you can also use a light-colored eye shadow as a primer. For example, the eye shadows of earth colors are mainly brownish brown, and they are basically warm tones. They are suitable for both white skin and yellow skin.

Especially for our oriental eyes and skin colors, using earth color eye shadows is also very useful. It has a high-end sense and is also very friendly to women with swollen eye blisters and single eyelids. Therefore, it is more suitable for beginners to use earth tones as a primer.

What does eyeshadow primer do? You may now have no doubts. In addition to eye creams that can be used as a primer, many brands have special eyeshadow primers, and you can choose the product that suits you.

For example, some eye primers come with a brush head, the texture is moisturizing and easy to push, and it is very dry after drying; it is transparent and colorless when applied, does not stick to powder, and will not accumulate on the eyelids. It can make eye makeup more durable, and the eyeliner is not easy to smudge. Eye makeup lasts a day without any problems. Friends who are prone to oily skin are very suitable for this.

Some eye primers come in two shades: dark and light. The light shade is whiter and brighter, and the concealer is just average; the dark shade is the natural skin tone, which can modify the dullness of the eyes. It can slow down the makeup removal caused by oily eyes, keep the eyelids dry, and let the eye shadow stay on the eyelids obediently.