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Eyelash curler for straight lashes can make your eyelashes look longer and richer. The eyelash curler is a necessary and useful tool for the whole eyeshadow makeup. However, the wrong method of using eyelash curlers may make the eye makeup look like a mess.

Furthermore, there are different types of curlers. Finding the product right for you is also important. Therefore, we will give you a guide on picking and using an eyelash curler for straight lashes.

Metal eyelash curler

The metal one is one of the most common types of eyelash curlers. Searching online, you will find that the most results are the metal mechanical curler. These eyelash curlers are usually not very expensive. You can buy one in many cosmetics stores even in the medicine store. The product is also very durable. You can use it for a long time but the rubber or plastic tip of it will wear out and you can change it for a new one.

Mini eyelash curler

The size of this type of curler is smaller than the average one, thus curling your eyelashes better and more precisely. The metal eyelash curler is to curl all of your eyelashes at a time. For the mini one, it is different. You can curl the eyelashes section by section. The tip of the tool is much thinner. You do not need to let the eyelash go through the hole of the tool but pick up the eyelash you need to curl.

Plastic mechanical curler

The shape of the plastic curler is the same as the metal one. The difference lies in the cute appearance of plastic curlers featuring various colors and decorations. The price, of course, is cheaper than the metal curler but it is easy to break if you press too hard.

Heat eyelash curler for straight lashes

As the name suggests, the product needs to be heated up. The heat can help to curl the lash quicker and better, and the effects naturally the better. It is a new type of eyelash curler product but gain popularity among users. Using it is simple as long as you follow the instruction. Because it has to be electrified, you need to pay attention to the safety problem.

These are the basic types of lash curlers. After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these products, you can find the product that suits you the best. If you are a novice, it is better not to use the heated curler or you may get yourself hurt. Then, we will share some tips on how to use the metal mechanical curler.

Clean the tool

The eyes are vulnerable organs. The same as other cosmetic tools, the curler needs to be cleaned up before being used. Otherwise, your eyes may get infected. Remember to clean it regularly, which can also lengthen the longevity of the product.

Curl the eyelash before applying mascara

Many new learners are confused about when to use the mascara and to use the curler. If you apply the mascara first, it will get the tool dirty and make your eyelash harder, so when you are curling the lash, the lash is easier to break.

Curl upward

Curling the eyelash upward can make the lash curler and keep the curling for a longer time. Many new users do not know curl upward. This simple step can greatly change the curling result.

Change the curling pad or buy new products regularly

The plastic and metal products will wear out as time goes by. To make sure the effective curling, you need to change the curling pad regularly or buy a new product. You can try on different products to find the most suitable one.

The basic steps of applying eye makeup are as follows: prime the eyelid and clean, curl the eyelash, add the eyeshadow makeup, and apply mascara. After finishing these steps, eye makeup is done.

In a nutshell

We have introduced several basic types of eyelash curler for straight lashes and shared some tips on using the metal mechanical eyelash curler. Using the tool seems to be easy, but you need to master the techniques to make eye makeup look perfect. For more quality products and information, you can browse the website of Perfect Diary.