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How to find your concealer shade online? The concealers are very important when we apply makeup. Makeup can increase the goodwill of others on your first impression. Makeup is not about changing and covering up, but a real and natural makeup look: it is still you, just more divine, brighter, and more unique. However, most women do not understand this, they think that makeup is change, which is a misunderstanding of nature.

Simply apply refreshing makeup, and you will find that many people think that the girl after makeup is “so energetic, and charming”. To win more career opportunities or love choices, refreshed makeup is a must to draw others’ attention. Magnifying the advantages of your face is the most suitable makeup for yourself. Advanced concealers don’t just cover up skin imperfections, they give the illusion that “your skin is just that good”. I

The image and temperament of women occupying high positions in the company are very important to their success. Today, more and more female executives are very good at integrating elegant and moving female charm into their overall workplace image, and makeup is naturally favored by them. Buying cosmetics online is favorable for lots of people. So, How to find your concealer shade online?

Before you buy products online, you may have your purchase intentions. For example, you will want to search for a foundation that has good concealer and does not stick to powder. Can you recommend it? Most people probably wish to have such a perfect base. But moisturizing and covering power are the two directions of base makeup products. Dry skin needs high moisturizing, oily skin needs makeup hold.

In terms of base makeup ingredients, high moisturization must be high oily, and the covering power must be inferior to long-lasting makeup. Whether you choose foundation or concealer, you need to know this. If you try to use base makeup to cover all the flaws, it will inevitably cause the powder to feel too thick. The base makeup mask feels heavy, and there will be a feeling of brushing the wall.

But what we want is not a thick and fake face, but a clear, natural, and delicate base makeup in various magazine blockbusters. So when you buy a product, be sure to pay attention to the product description and ingredients written on it. Don’t expect a bottle of primer to cover all your blemishes. The combination of base makeup + concealer products is the key to making the base makeup clear, natural, and flawless. Of course, if your skin is in good condition, then a bottle of makeup can solve it.

How to find your concealer shade online in a faster way?

If you want to buy a concealer that suits you, you must first consider your skin tone and concealer needs. Because most people have more than one blemish on their face. For example, different colors to cover acne, pimple marks, dark circles, and face brightening require different product color numbers.

Concealers on the market are divided into 2-color, 3-color, or multi-color. In fact, for ordinary people, a concealer plate like this is enough. But the premise is that everyone should buy a color matching that suits them, and the texture of the paste should suit them. Compared with the red, green, and green color palette in the multi-color palette, I think the multi-color palette for this skin tone is more practical. Although both may involve toning issues, this skin tone is easier to tone than purple and green.

How to find your concealer shade online? When you are searching online, you can add your purpose. So usually the shopping website will recommend the best sellers that match your purpose. For example, you can search dark skin concealer, concealer palette for fair skin, concealer for acne, etc.

Concealer products should be divided into two parts: covering and modification. We often use a color lighter than our skin tone to brighten the shadows and sunken parts of the face. Use greenish to correct the redness of redness and pimples, and use orange, and peach to correct the cyan of dark circles. In the use of concealer products, correcting skin tone should also be more important than covering. So when buying online, pay attention to whether the color is complete.