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Do you know how to use liquid highlighter? The liquid highlighter has a solid highlighter that is easy to use, the liquid highlighter has more moisture, and the texture of the highlighter is the same as that of a lotion. It is especially easy to be absorbed by the skin, smudges on the skin, and it is not easy to float and is very docile.

The liquid highlight can also make the skin absorb more completely, without making the makeup look a little fake, and it also contains some micro-shimmering particles, which will brighten and whiten the skin when applied, and modify the facial contour more naturally. The texture of the liquid highlighter is light and natural, the liquid is more delicate, and the effect on the face is very soft and will not irritate the facial skin.

The highlighter is generally used after the entire makeup is finished, after the setting powder. It can make the highlights of the entire face more durable, making the entire makeup look more translucent. Only after the makeup is done, can you see which part needs to be highlighted and how to do it, so as to achieve a better effect of improving the makeup.

There are many parts of the face that can be highlighted. The main highlights are around the eyes and the plump cheeks. The highlight can be placed on the edge of the face and in the middle of the cheek, which highlights the structure of the face thus making your bones looks completely different. It is a perfect way to hide your imperfections.

Highlighting around the eyes can make the lying silkworm more obvious, and improve the brightness of the eyes and the beauty of the eyes. Highlighting the plump cheeks will make the plump cheeks more obvious and three-dimensional, and when you smile, you will have very obvious plump cheeks, and you will look younger and stunning.

How to use liquid highlighter with foundation?

A liquid highlighter can be mixed with foundation. The highlighting liquid has the effect of enhancing the brightness of the skin, while the liquid foundation is the base makeup. The combination of the two can make the skin of the base makeup more translucent and shiny, and make the whole makeup more delicate and three-dimensional. Mix the lotion and liquid foundation that suits your skin type.

When reconciling, the proportion of liquid foundation is relatively large. You only need to add a little highlighter, not too much. After fully mixing and mixing, let the liquid foundation spread all over the face to achieve the effect of hydrating and radiant skin.

First, mix the highlighter with the liquid foundation, then dip it on the top of the brow bone on both sides, the nose, and the chin, and point a big “T”, then use your fingers or a makeup egg to smudge it out, followed by the cheeks and cheeks. In the position of the bone, we can point out a “heart shape” or “small circle”, and use the same method to focus on smearing. These are the specific steps of using the highlighting liquid.

The highlight does not mean that you need to apply a large area on the entire face. In fact, you only need to use specific facial parts, just like the light and dark sides in a sketch, because they are relative, they will stand out. If you put them all over your face, you will look like a mess and full of white powder when under the spotlight.

After the T-zone is done, we have to do a focused stun. As mentioned earlier, highlights are not needed for all facial areas, but for specific parts. If the entire face is covered with highlights, the whole face will appear very greasy, but it will give people a very uncomfortable feeling.

How to use liquid highlighter in different face areas? Believe now you know. All you have to do is to practice more. You can build your 3D face in your way. Just like some people who think their nose is not angled well, they can shrink the nose’s bottom and sides to make it looks taller after highlighting.

In short, the use of a highlighter plays a “finishing” role in the change of the overall image, and can create a more beautiful and stunning you in an undetectable way!