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You must be surprised by the 32 makeup brushes and their uses. The role of makeup brushes is to make a delicate makeup, makeup brushes have commonly used sets of 3 sets of brushes, 5 sets of brushes, 7 sets of brushes, 9 sets of brushes, 10 sets of brushes, 11 sets of brushes, 12 sets of brushes, 13 sets of brushes, 15 sets of brushes, for most people may also be able to cope with so many kinds of makeup brushes, but you know there are 24, 32, 36 sets of brushes?

Here we will introduce you to some common makeup brushes of 32 makeup brushes and their uses.

Eyelash brush

Generally, before using the eyelash brush, the eyelashes will be clipped first, and the force should be appropriate, from the root of the eyelashes to the tail of the eyelashes in turn. If the force is too high, it will become 90 degrees. In order to make the curl of the eyelashes last, you can preheat it with a hair dryer in advance. The function of the eyelash brush is to straighten out the eyelashes and make the eyelashes more stylish.

Eyebrow comb

The function of the eyebrow comb is simple, mainly used to comb the eyebrows.

Small fan-shaped powder brush: The main function of the small fan-shaped powder brush is to sweep away the excess setting powder of eye shadow, and the action should be light to avoid polluting the foundation.

Sponge sticks

Sponges are the best tool to use when applying liquid foundation to the wings of your nose, the corners of your mouth, around your eyes, and your hairline. When applying the base color, you can first put a few base colors on the face, and then use a sponge to rub evenly; the effect of rubbing blush with a sponge is also very good; you can also use a sponge to modify the lip color, first apply lipstick, and then use a sponge to lightly Wipe until the color is softer.

Eyeliner Brush

The eyeliner brush softens the thick and stiff lines drawn by eyeliner. The eyeliner brush can be used to transition the outer edge of the eyeliner.

Concealer brush

Dip an appropriate amount of makeup (concealer, liquid foundation, etc.) with the brush, and then at the edge of the concealer, lighten the border smudges, remember to use a small amount several times.

Eyebrow brush

Angled eyebrow brush, which can draw fine eyebrows, is divided into two types: hard eyebrow brush and soft eyebrow brush. The soft brow brush is used to apply powdered brow makeup, and it can also be used to apply eyeliner after the bristles are sprayed wet. The stiff brow brush is used to apply waxy brow makeup for a clear and natural brow color.

Lip brush

The use of the lip brush is actually very simple. First, apply the lip brush to the lipstick to pick the color; then take the middle of the lips as the boundary, and draw a line on the lower lip; take the middle line as the benchmark, draw the lip shapes on the left and right sides. Use a lip brush to trace the edges; fill in the entire lip at the end.

Eye shadow brush

Generally, there are only two brushes in the eye shadow tray. They are mainly used for primer or eye brightening or dark smudge at the end of the eye. Many people think that the brush that comes with the eye shadow tray is difficult to use. It is a small size brush used to deal with eye details.

Foundation Brush

After basic skin care, apply primer. Squeeze the liquid foundation on the back of your hand. If you are afraid of drying, you can add a little lotion and mix it together. Dip the foundation with a brush and spread it evenly. Then brush the face directly, the direction is from the inside to the outside, the intensity is heavy on the inside and light on the outside, carefully brush the whole face, and control the degree of attention, otherwise it will leave powder marks.

It’s a wrap

Each makeup brush has its unique function and importance. Learning to use 32 makeup brushes and their uses at once is very difficult. We should choose the tools that suit us in our daily makeup.