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Have you tried rose gold make up? Is your phone a rose gold iPhone? Yes, it’s rose gold, it’s everywhere these days and it’s no longer just limited to your phone. It has become so cult that no one seems to be getting enough of its unique shade.

Maybe you’ve seen someone walking around with rose gold hair, and at this point, the rose gold makeup trend is as popular as the rose gold hairstyle. And often, when a color pops, the eyeshadow inevitably comes together and has to match the whole.

How to apply a rose gold make up?

Use a powder-gold matte eyeshadow as a base to define the contour of the face; then use brown gold or deep rose gold to create shadows on the inside of the connecting line from the inner corner of the eye to the highest point of the eyebrows (the eye socket below the eyebrows) to shape the eyes deeper.

First, use beige gold to hit the eye socket, and paint rose gold on 3/1 of the end of the eye and 3/1 of the head so that the beige color above the eyeball is maintained, creating a three-dimensional effect of shades and eye shapes. There is also 3/1 of the lower lash line, for people whose eyes are relatively round and short, which is suitable for the drawing method of lengthening the eye shape.

Finally, use beige to smudge the boundaries, so that the color is clean and clear from dark to light. Beige transitions and smudges. Use crimson red near the lashes to add depth. Finally, the beige color can also be superimposed on the eyebrows as eyebrow powder to make the eyebrow color more durable.

Perfect Diary’s Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette eye shadow, the color system is relatively basic, and it is not easy to make mistakes. It can be used as a base color and can draw a lot of popular makeup. It is very suitable for student party friends to get started.

With the Amino acid wrapping technology added, this eyeshadow become one of our iconic items on the shelf. The powder is ultra-fine, silky, and easy to blend. If you are looking for some colorful eyeshadow that is transfer-proof and long-wear for up to 10 hours, you can never miss this item!

Many of Perfect Diary’s eyeshadow boxes come with a small sponge stick for easy application of eyeshadow on the go. However, to create delicate eye makeup, you can also rely on a makeup brush. The sponge tip eyeshadow stick only allows you to coat your lids with powder all at once, while the eyeshadow brush allows you to apply powder layer by layer for a natural-looking eye look.

Apply mascara is the key for every girl. If your eyelashes are short, you can apply false eyelashes and then apply mascara. Apply rosy blush from cheeks to temples for a matte finish. Of course, this can be done according to your own needs. If your face is red, you don’t need to use so many blushes of the same color, so as not to look like a monkey’s butt.

As for the lipsticks, try our Floating Light Lip Gloss (CRUSH Collection). The texture is relatively moisturizing and does not show lip lines at all after coloring, and it is a velvet lipstick that can be worn even in the dry season of autumn and winter. Never go wrong with this lipstick if you want a clean, kissable look!

Rose gold make up needs flawless porcelain white skin to set off, so the concealer around the eyes should be careful. In summer, you can use concealer products with a very prominent powder texture to get the effect of covering dark circles and sunspots on the eyes, which is light and not greasy.

There are no makeup looks more fashionable than the trendy rose gold right now. Nowadays, the rose gold makeup series can be seen everywhere in the beauty products of major brands, from jewelry to handbags, from clothes buttons to shoes, the charm of rose gold has infiltrated every little detail in life.

If you are interested, feel free to learn it now! No matter what kind of makeup you put on, remember to moisturize before makeup and remove makeup in time!