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Although eye color pencil makeup is not that universal, it’s really great to play with. Once you master the right way to apply it, a new and fun world of makeup will open up its door for you. Color truly never goes out of style, so you can upgrade your everyday, neutral eyeliner with a bright pigment or tap into your creativity to experiment with a more complex look.

Tips on how to choose the right colored eye pencils

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure the color that you choose complements your eyes. For example, if you have brown eyes, a warm gold eyeliner dabbed on the inner corners can be a perfect match. If you have blue eyes, because based on the color wheel, the opposite of blue is yellow, golden browns or orange will be your best choice. If you have gray eyes, which is a pretty rare eye color, blue-toned eyeliner is recommended.

For hazel and black eyes, there are many approaches one can take. You can apply the eye color pencil makeup with any color, like purples, pinks or greenish colors, which can make a contrast and enhance your eye color. And for the green eyes, the best match is burgundy red. This color is bold and vivid which will bring an unexpected pop of your eye color.

When it comes to the eye color pencil makeup, another thing you should be aware of is that you need to match your eyeliner with the whole makeup look. Because you don’t want anything else distracting from your colored eyeliner, especially if it’s a very bold color.

For example, when you’re applying a bold color eyeliner, you don’t want an also bold lipstick that’s in a contrasting color or your cheek to be too bright. The core is to make the eyeliner to pop the most so that the whole makeup finish will not look too dramatic.

How to apply the eye color pencil makeup?

Let’s start by understanding what types of eyeliners are available. There are liquid eyeliners, powder types that are applied to a brush, and the most common pencil type.

Liquid eyeliner can draw a fine and sharp eyeliner, but it is kind of tricky to apply. Powder eyeliner can actually be used as a direct substitute for eye shadow, and it is really suitable for smoky makeup. Pencil eyeliners, on the other hand, are the easiest type to use for beginners. So, when you want to venture into colored eyeliner, choosing pencil type is the best.

When you are using a colored pencil eyeliner, just throw a little bit of color on the inner rim of your eye. It’s a subtle way to pop a little color in there and kind of mix up the look. If you want to do something that’s bolder, you can apply the full eye color pencil makeup. Here are some tips.

First, you need to start from the head of the eye, follow the length of the eyelashes, and draw little by little to the end of the eye, with the end of the eye naturally elongated and slightly upward. When drawing, pay attention to the root of the eyelashes to fill in the area, so that the eyeliner will look smoother and more natural.

Then you have to outline the end of the eye. The tail line is the key to the whole eye color pencil makeup, which can help you adjust the direction and length of the eye, divided into three kinds: upward, flat and down. The naturally elongated and slightly upward eyeliner is usually the most popular. And if you want to try something fun, a colorful winged eyeliner look will not disappoint you.

Eye color pencil makeup is actually very popular in the 80s and 90s. In recent years there has been this vintage trend again. Colored eyeliner enhances eye color in a way no other makeup can. Just add a little slash of color along the upper or lower rims of lashes will give you a wild classic look. So just be creative and bold to try it out! Your look is totally up to you, just have fun!