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Many people are bewildered and confused about what does banana powder do. In fact, it has nothing to do with some kind of nutrition or food; it is a cosmetic product. Compared to very common makeup products such as lipstick, eye shadow, and foundation, the banana powder seems a bit strange to most people.

Is banana powder a loose powder? Highlighting powder? Or setting powder? What exactly is it? In all its meanings and explanations, banana powder is actually a very specific term. Because its powder is a light-yellow color, like the color of a banana, that’s how it got its name. Specifically, it is a type of loose powder that has all the qualities of it.

Loose powder is a kind of facial cosmetic, which does not contain oil, but is a powder product made from all powder materials. It is mainly applied after using foundation lotion or foundation cream, and is mostly used for post-beauty touch-ups and make-up.

Loose powder can adjust skin tone, prevent greasy skin from being too smooth or too sticky, show a lusterless but transparent complexion, reduce sweat and sebum, enhance the sustainability of cosmetics, and produce a soft, fluffy skin feel. Some loose powders also have some roles in sun protection.

What does banana powder do compared to the function of loose powder? Because its yellowish color is more similar to the color of our skin, it brightens better, bakes your makeup and covers your imperfections, in addition to setting your makeup.

Advantages of Banana Powder
● It is a very fine, smooth powder that adheres well to the skin for a flawless finish and a great experience.
● Holds your makeup for a long time, so you no longer have to fear that it will come off.
● The light-yellow shade covers red bloodshot skin better and is more suitable for yellowish and red skin tones.

Compared to other colors of loose powder, banana powder has a more natural effect on yellowish skin tones, because the color is more compatible with the skin tone, the makeup can be reduced a lot. The yellow color has a neutralizing and brightening effect on cyanotic dark circles, and with the fine quality of the powder, it can fill the tear trough under the eyes very well.

Although banana powder seems to be yellow, but a large area dipped on the face is not felt at all, especially in the yellowish skin tone on the brightening effect is very natural, of course, there is white skin after use, in the white light will be through the point vague yellow, so different skin tone in the choice of products also according to their own problems to choose the appropriate color.

Because of the popularity of banana powder in social media platforms, many brands have launched various levels of yellow banana powder, in addition to adapt to different skin tones, but also for different skin problems. The yellow color is basically invisible on warm yellow skin and can be used on the whole face without stress. The lemon-yellow banana powder is more suitable for cool white skin, and because there is no shimmer at all, it can be used to do local highlighting with a very natural effect.

The earthy banana powder, because of its darker color, is more suitable for people with dull yellow skin to use it to brighten up their whole face. Some brands have also introduced a more yellow color to save those with more severe skin problems.

If your tear trough or dark circles problem is more serious, with the baking method using banana powder effect will be more surprising. It will ensure a clean look while completely covering up the dark circles under your eyes tear troughs and dullness.

In short, what does banana powder do is very clear now.
As a very good new loose powder innovation, a reasonable application of it will bring us a more surprising makeup experience. However, it is worth noting that if your skin itself is very dry, then this product may not be as suitable for you. Banana powder has a very excellent oil removal and mattifying effect, but it also means that for dry skin it can be a disaster. We can try this product depending on our skin condition.