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Many people will have questions that lip oil vs lip balm,what is their difference? Lip oils and lip balms are both basic skin care products for caring for the lips, and they both work well to protect our lips from hydration and cracking in dry weather. However, as different products, they have the following differences.

Lip oil is glossier than lip balm

Lip balm is a personal care product that is generally applied to the lips. When applied on the lips, lip balm can effectively prevent lips from drying out and peeling due to dry weather. The main ingredients of lip balm include beeswax, petroleum jelly, menthol and camphor. In addition, the lip balm nowadays will add vitamins and salicylic acid in order to enhance the moisturizing function.

Lip balm vs lip oil: which one is better?

Lip balm is not glossy. If you want to apply lipstick, you should use lip balm first. While lip balm is applied after lipstick and lips are still dry and cracked. This will relieve the dryness of the lips and it will not lose the shine of the lipstick. So, you can use it according to your situation when you use it.

Lipstick is the original and most common makeup, generally solid, with a texture that is drier and harder than lip gloss and lip nectar. Its lip care effect and texture are not as good as lip gloss and lip gloss, not moisturizing enough, often making people feel that their lips will be dry after 1 hour, so they must apply lip balm to moisturize their lips before applying lipstick. The advantage of lipstick is the high color saturation, color coverage, and because it is a solid generally not easy to spill due to lip lines too deep, with it to modify the lip shape, lip color is the most suitable. If you want to create a watery effect and want to give your lips maximum finishing touches, you can first trace the lip contour with a lipstick and prime it, then apply a clear or similarly colored lip gloss or lip nectar to brighten it up.

Lip oils are a bit greasier than lip gloss and moisturize the lips more. It is suitable for people with particularly dry lips. Most people use it, it will be too oily, but uncomfortable, and it is easy to “eat makeup”. Usually, the order of lip makeup should be: lip liner> lipstick> lip gloss/lip oil.

Can I sleep with lip oil on?

You can certainly do so. Evening is the time when the skin is most likely to digest and absorb water and nutrients, and the mouth is more likely to be dry at night. Especially when sleeping at night, if you are breathing with your mouth, or when the house is open to central air conditioning, applying frothy lipstick before going to bed is a good way to maintain your lips; if your lips are dry, you can first rub on lip balm, followed by covering a layer of mouth size cling film, cover it with a hot cotton towel, and match each other with a moderate push, that can make the lips certainly moist and beautiful, to achieve a stronger actual effect.

Can lip oil improve lip lines?

If you have lip lines because of dryness, then they can be improved by applying lip oil. As soon as you feel your lips are dry, apply lip oil to nourish your dry lips effectively. It can replenish the missing moisture of the lip skin and reduce the loss of moisture from the lips, making the lip lines lighter and the lips full and hydrated again.

Lip balm vs lip oil suggestions for selection

Lip balm and lip oil, both are basic lip care, both have the effect of moisturizing the lips, and some have a therapeutic anti-inflammatory effect. Theoretically lip oil is more moisturizing than lip balm, but of course it depends on the specific situation. Generally speaking, it is best to use lip balm or lip oil as a base before doing lip makeup.

Usually, it is recommended to choose lip balm for girls with not very dry lips, most people may not get used to the texture of lip oil soon. But if your lips are particularly dry, lip oil is a good choice.