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The contour brush for nose is generally relatively small and long in appearance, and the brush heads are generally inclined and have various shapes and different brush heads. Everyone should know that the nose plays an important role in our facial proportions, so as long as we refine our nose, the whole makeup will look much better.

There are many brush shapes for nose contour brush, including beveled arc shapes, flame shapes, and round shapes. Just like other types of makeup brushes, you may be overwhelmed when choosing the right one. It is not hard to decide after you finish reading.

How to choose a contour brush for nose?

First of all, the level of the bristles fits the bridge of the nose better. Because there is a groove at the junction of the nose and the eye socket when drawing the nose shadow, it is better to fit the oblique angle of the nose, the angle of about 30 degrees to 45 degrees is just right.

Be careful that the bristles are not easy to fall off. In the first few times of cleaning, it is normal for the makeup brush to lose hair, because the makeup brush has long and short hairs, and the short hairs that are not inserted and some floating hairs may fall off. will fall. But if it has been shedding all the time, and the shedding is serious, it may be a quality problem.

If you find that the makeup brush is starting to shed hair, the makeup brush should be replaced, and the bristles are damaged. When you use such a makeup brush to apply makeup, there will be hair loss, and it may also affect the makeup.

The size of the little knuckle of the brush head is just right. If the nose contouring area is too wide, it will look strange and a bit awkward, so pay attention to the size of the brush head. It is best to be the size of the first section of the little finger, which is definitely the safest and not easy to miss when contouring. Try to compare it with your finger.

When choosing your ideal contour brush for nose, it should be tried on the face or the back of the hand. First of all, it is necessary to buy a silky, neatly arranged, bouncy and thick brush. When dipping the contouring powder, the powder grasping ability is strong, and the powder grasps evenly. Such a nose contour brush is a good brush to use.

How to apply the nose contouring powder with a brush?

Step 1: First of all, the main focus is on the root of your nose, mainly emphasizing these two places for nose contouring. The principle of sticking to the first stroke in makeup should be the heavier part of the whole. Use the nose contour brush to first emphasize these two areas, which are also the deeper parts of the entire nose contouring structure.

Step 2: Then apply the contouring powder on the smudge brush and wipe it off on a towel. Smudge the two heaviest areas. The brows, the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, and the smudges that are brought to the nose at the end, until the color blocks are smudged open.

Dip it in nose contouring powder and brush on the sides of the nose to help create a natural three-dimensional effect. The advantage of using a nose contour brush for makeup is that the nose contouring effect is light and thin, so that the makeup effect is natural and not artificial, and it saves the amount of nose contouring powder.

Step 3: The most fearful thing about shadows is that there is a clear boundary between the highlighted area and the shadow area, so the nose looks very strange, and outsiders see that the nose contouring is too big and not superb. So you can always use a matte highlighter to soften the borders of the shadows before so that the highlights and shadows are perfectly blended.

You must know the makeup technique of the nose contour brush when applying makeup, otherwise, the contouring effect will be a deep trace between the bridge of the nose and the brow. The lines for drawing the nose shadow must be straight. In addition, you need to pay attention to the smudge, so that the lines become softer and the nose shadow looks more natural.