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What is eye primer?

Eye primer is specifically used in the eyes of a combination of skin care and makeup products, it can double the color of the eyeshadow, so that the makeup effect becomes super long-lasting, thus reducing the appearance of the line of the situation and can better restore the original color of the eyeshadow, so that the skin tone looks better. Its ingredients generally include grape seed extract, caffeine, tea extract and so on, and is generally suitable for all skin types.


The first purpose is to even out the skin tone of the eyelids so that there is no color difference between the upper and lower eyelids, thus allowing for a higher and brighter eye shadow to be used later.

The second is to control the oil under the eyes and keep them fresh, which largely prevents eye makeup from coming off and makes it last longer.

The third function is that it can isolate pigments to protect the skin from cosmetics such as eye shadow, which can also prevent pigmentation and thus prevent dark circles. In addition, if different skin care ingredients are added to it, it will also give it some care effects and the makeup and skin care at the same time.

What is concealer?

Concealer can be seen as a type of foundation. The difference is that concealer has better coverage than regular foundation, and it fits the skin better and lasts longer. Everyone’s face has blemishes of one kind or another, and using concealer can bring back the smoothness and detail to your face.


The first is to use concealer against the more visible wrinkles. And concealers for fine lines will add some light-sensitive factors, meaning that the refraction of light will lighten and smooth out wrinkles.

The second is to use concealer for acne scars or pits. Concealers for acne usually include natural plant extracts to inhibit oil production and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ingredients.

Lastly, concealers are used to deal with discoloration or localized dullness. In professional concealers, they usually have a rich color palette, such as orange, moon yellow and ivory white. Professional makeup artists often like to use several colors interspersed. Many people are not sure about the order of application of both foundation and concealer, and a more logical order is to apply concealer after using foundation. So can I use concealer as eye primer? This is obviously not possible.


Eye primer is mainly used to smooth out pores to renew the base makeup preparation, concealer as the name implies to conceal blemishes use. And concealer is only partial, used in the parts that need concealing, after using the base can also use concealer.

In the use of concealer before the need to use eye primer to do a good job of moisturizing to prevent the phenomenon of card lines patchy, and if there is no suitable eye primer, then the concealer concealing effect will be correspondingly greatly reduced, the two products are best to complement each other, used in conjunction with each other to create the most natural and perfect makeup.

After all that, can I use concealer as eye primer? The answer is that concealer can be used before eye makeup, but it is not a substitute for eye primer, because its role is completely different from that of a primer. The main purpose of concealer is to cover up imperfections, which is good for dark circles or uneven skin tone, but it obviously lacks the isolation and oil control of eye primer to keep it fresh and prevent pigmentation, so concealer cannot be used as an eye primer.

So the beauties do not confuse the wrong, and understand this point is to help us make a natural beautiful makeup, which is a necessary prerequisite. If you choose the right concealer and eye primer, then combined with the use, over time you will find that you cannot leave these two things.