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Are you looking for shining peach nude lipstick? Did you discover the major character in the film tends to wear nude lipsticks, which are not only natural and fresh but more importantly, reveal a sense of innocence and harmlessness, so as to fully cover the troubles of the skin while presenting bright and matte lips?

Nude lipsticks are great for ladies who like a natural look. For example, when you make up your eyebrows, you don’t deliberately emphasize the shape of your eyebrows. You just fill in the eyebrows with light-colored eyebrow powder according to the original shape of your eyebrows. For the eye makeup part, you only draw the inner eyeliner, focusing on creating curly and slender eyelashes.

It is one of the lip effects that many girls are willing to create when they create a nude makeup look. The trend of nude lips has gradually emerged. At the Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week, some big-name designers who lead the fashion will lock the lip makeup of the models on the runway show on “naked”.

Have you ever tried this shining peach nude lipstick?

Every girl wants to have good-looking and easy-to-use lipstick. A “good-looking” lipstick should not only have a high face value, but more importantly, it should be suitable for your age and skin tone. The standard of “easy to use” is that in addition to showing complexion, whitening, and smooth upper lip, it should also protect the lip skin, such as a little lip moisturizing effect.

We all know that nude lipstick is a kind of lipstick color classification, mainly referring to lipstick of flesh color, light powder, and other colors close to the skin color. In the commodities, there are mainly nude orange, nude gold, nude pink, bean paste color, coral color, and so on. Today, let’s choose two nude lipsticks for you!

The texture of Weightless Longwear Lip Stain (Leopard Limited) feels moisturizing, and it feels a little matte after drying. Color: The color of 213 Probe is relatively pink and lovely, with good color rendering, and a little butterscotch scent, and it has an intellectual and gentle feeling when applied.

It is a little more velvety, smooth, and easy to apply, there is almost no problem with drying, and at the same time, it is not too greasy, and it retains the moisturizing luster just right. Applying makeup does not require much of the condition of the lips.

Color: 213 Probe is mainly used to beautify the lips. It is more low-key and restrained when used with other makeup, and it highlights the makeup of the eyes. The saturated nude color system is full of charming colors, in addition to its constant intellectual charm, elegance is also synonymous with it. This lip glaze can show natural lip color, and maintain a color that is not too moisturizing, which is in line with the elements of clear makeup!

Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick is Perfect Diary’s flagship product, and it’s been on sale for years and is a fan favorite. Its texture is matte and matte with a slightly velvety feel. The upper lip is easy to apply and smooth. Although it is a matte texture, it will not affect the beauty of this upper lip! It moisturizes well and its longevity is also excellent.

Color: L01 Nude Pink Ballet is a pretty shining peach nude lipstick. The nude color of bean paste is not high in brightness, which is more suitable for women who don’t like makeup very much. The texture is very smooth, it belongs to the matte lipstick that does not dry on the lips. This color is more peach, belongs to the peach nude, a little pink. If your natural lip color is light, this color number will be very pigmented. If it is paired with strong eye makeup, then this lipstick is very suitable for weakening all parts except eye makeup.

Lipsticks are one of the best-selling items in all of the makeup and a must-have in any woman’s makeup bag. Although nude lipstick is said to be nude, it contains many other colors. Among the many colors, there is always one that suits you.

First of all, it has broken away from the single color of nude lipsticks in the past and is no longer a lipstick close to flesh-colored. Nowadays, the concept of nude color has gradually expanded. We usually classify the colors of young girls such as milk tea, light pink, coral, honey, and apricot as nude colors. These colors are perfect for fall.