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Searching for the best eyelash curler for small eyes? Many people do not know how to use eyelash curlers at first. 99% of people don’t know how to choose an eyelash curler, or whether the one they already have is right for them. First, the eyelashes stay curled all day long! Second, it will never hurt the natural eyelashes, the more they fall, the balder they become!

Eyelash curlers on the market can be roughly divided into four categories: ordinary eyelash curlers, electric eyelash curlers, antibacterial plastic eyelash curlers suitable for skin, and local eyelash curlers specifically for the eyes and tail.

Select eyelash curler for different eyes

Eyelash curlers look a bit like medical-surgical equipment, and they are quite risky to use – they can easily clip the eyelids or stretch the eyelashes. So who are new to make-up may have a sense of fear. However, to be beautiful, you must overcome all kinds of potential risks.

Now we will show you various types of eyelash curlers, and teach you how to choose an eyelash curler that is suitable for your eye shape and easy to use so that you can brush out doll-like eyelashes.

Is there the best eyelash curler for small eyes? An ordinary eyelash curler is the most common eyelash curler, and it is also a must-have beauty prop for every beauty lover. The metal texture is easier to use, and there are also plastic ones. The rubber pad is one of the important criteria for selection. Using an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes of the entire eye is more convenient for daily use, but it is also relatively rough.

The eyelash curler is the decisive factor in how the eyelashes will be kept in shape. A good eyelash curler can keep the eyelashes in a beautiful shape all day long, while a bad eyelash curler has a short duration and must be applied quickly with mascara.

Generally, eyelash curlers are made of stainless steel and are more durable. Choose one with a silicone pad, which is more comfortable on the eyes. The silicone clips are more tightly occluded, light and convenient, and do not hurt the eyelashes.

Fashionable metal texture, smooth and delicate, durable, humanized handle, suitable for hand holding, more convenient operation, fit the radian of the eye shape, not easy to pinch the eyelids.

If your eyes are large, you should consider the larger size eyelash curler. For example, on the market, there will be like 35mm and 40mm for different eye shapes. The wide-angle design fits the eye contour, and it is not easy to pinch the eyelids when using it. The built-in soft elastic silicone pad can bite more tightly and can effectively prevent eyelashes from being pinched. Flexible use of the central axis makes it easier to use.

Electric preheating automatically makes the eyelashes curl naturally. It is quick and convenient, and the effect is long-lasting, but be careful to burn your eyelids when using it.

A partial eyelash curler can be the best eyelash curler for small eyes. As it does not pick any eye types, you can clip a few more times. The partial eyelash curler has a small shape and is specially used for the corner of the eye, the end of the eye, and the traditional eyelash curler cannot take into account.

Eyelash curlers are not easy to use for everyone, because our eyes are different in shape, some are protruding and round, and some are slender, so choosing the right eyelash curler is very important. It is best to try it out first to see how easy it is to operate and how long it will keep curling eyelashes long.

If your eyes are short in shape, double inside, or swollen. Consider segmented eyelash curlers. It is also convenient to operate, fits the eye better, and will not be hollow like a big clip, which is easy to pull on the eyelids. Once you find your unique eye makeup, small eyes can also become very charming and sexy.

You can use a three-stage method to clip the eyelashes, from the root of the eyelashes upwards three times, remember not to clip too hard, it is easy to appear blunt at right angles. This way also protects the eyelashes and eye skin.