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Do you know how to use matte lipstick? Matte lipsticks are the type of lipsticks that many girls love, the frosted texture and very strong color rendering is very suitable for creating a retro red lip makeup or a very dignified makeup look. If you want to know more tips on how to use matte lipsticks, please continue to scroll down.

Specifically, what are the categories of lipsticks?

Lipsticks can be classified by their glossiness into four main types as follows. Matte is one of them.

Glossy: Very sheer with varying degrees of shine. Moistens and protects dry lips and makes the lips glossy and delicate.

Clear: Transparent with a slight sheen. Has a longer lasting heat retention effect than the glossy category and has sun protection.

Creamy: Opaque, less glossy. Leaves lips feeling silky soft and smooth with even color. Holds moisture longer than the transparent type and contains ingredients that prevent color bleeding.

Matte: extremely opaque, long-lasting color but not bright, lasts 6-8 hours after application without fading, extremely difficult to wipe off.

How to use matte lipstick?

Step 1: Lip care

Autumn and winter lips are severely dehydrated and lip skin is relatively fragile, so we recommend that you exfoliate your lips regularly. We can use a special lip scrub, or we can use a simple method: using a toothbrush to gently scrub the lips after dipping in water, which can also play a role in exfoliation.

Step 2: Apply lip balm

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer on your lips first, then use your lip balm and primer mix on your mouth, then sip a tissue. This way you have a barrier between your lips and the lipstick. After applying a good lip balm and then using a matte lipstick, you can make your lips fully moisturized, maintain the moist makeup of your lip skin, and can last for a long-time lip makeup color.

Step 3: Lip concealer

To create the perfect lip color and highlight the perfection of lipstick color, for lips with blemished skin, or darker lip color, lip concealment can be done first. Use foundation or concealer and other products to gently cover a layer, which can improve the symptoms of uneven lip color and make the lip makeup more distinct and beautiful.

Step 4: Lip makeup

When doing lip makeup, you can use a lip liner with a similar color to lipstick to outline the lips, and then apply lipstick to make the lipstick color more even and perfect. Apply lipstick on top of the lips, just a small amount. After that, use your fingers to spread it evenly and use “dots” to stain the color so that you can lighten the lip lines and get a more daily lip makeup effect.

Who is more suitable for matte lipsticks?

Matte lipsticks are dry in texture, so they will suck the moisture out of the lips and make them dry, so they are more suitable for those who have hydrated and elastic lips. People with dry lips apply it easily with peeling and stuck lip lines, which looks very unattractive.

Matte lipsticks can be used by those who are looking for a long lasting makeup because there is less moisture, so the lipstick molecules will be firmly attached to the lips to create a long lasting lip makeup. You don’t have to worry about your lips coming off, even at night when you need to use a special eye and lip makeup remover to remove your matte lip makeup.

Matte lipsticks also have excellent color rendering, so they can outline the lips very clearly. Those who have fuller lips can choose matte lipsticks to make the lip makeup as the highlight of the whole makeup and can attract the attention of others very well.


Now do you know how to use matte lipstick? Matte lipsticks are becoming more and more popular, the darker color and slightly fluffy texture are elegant that never goes out of style. If you want to show the mature sex appeal, or want a retro unique style, or exaggerated party makeup, matte lipstick can be the best choice for you.

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