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In the summer learning how to use a setting spray is one of the most important steps in makeup application. In summer, when the temperature is higher, the sebaceous glands are more active and thus produce more oil, which can make your makeup look oily and patchy if it is not set properly. Especially for oily skin, a setting spray is very necessary. So how do you use a setting spray and when is the right time to use it? Find out next.

What is a setting spray?

Makeup setting spray is a cosmetic product that combines makeup setting and touch-up, oil removal, and moisture replenishment in one. Its water mist is very fine, film-forming and its main function is to apply makeup. The use of setting spray helps the makeup to last and delays the oiliness of the skin, thus reducing the floating powder. Even if you get oily after using the setting spray, you will not feel sticky powder and greasy, and you can lock your makeup with a spray.

How to use setting spray

● Before putting on the base makeup, put on sunscreen and isolation, after that you can use the setting spray, when spraying, pay attention to the distance from the face about 15~20cm, then spray from left to right.

● Take an appropriate amount of foundation to your palm, add an appropriate amount of setting spray and mix well, then apply the foundation to your face, so that you can maintain the longevity of your foundation.

● Spray the setting spray on the makeup brush or makeup egg, and then use the beauty egg to pat away the foundation just applied to the face evenly, so that it will be better than just using water to wet and squeeze the beauty egg directly, while applying makeup will combine the setting spray with the face, so that the hydration and shine of the base makeup will also be better.

● like to use loose powder to set the makeup, if there is no matte base makeup, you can first spray a fixing spray, wait for it to dry naturally, and then pressed on top with loose powder to strengthen the makeup, after the loose powder, you can spray a setting spray again, especially in the summer is easy to take off makeup, with this fixing method can maintain a very long-lasting makeup.

When to use a makeup setting spray?

After learning how to use setting spray, it is vital to know there are different types of setting sprays, which can be divided into pre-makeup use and post-makeup use, depending on the size of the water mist particles. The water mist particles are larger and suitable for use in the pre-makeup skin care step, with the main function being to provide a moisturizing effect.

Water mist particles are smaller and can be used after makeup. When using it, you should first pay attention to the choice of primer and push the foundation evenly onto your face for priming. After that, spray it again on the whole face, be careful not to spray too close to the face, about 10~15 cm away. Finally, you can add loose powder, powder brush dipped in powder lightly sweep the face, so you can keep the base makeup longer.

What are the advantages of setting spray?

● Compared to loose powder that may contain irritating ingredients, setting spray contains fewer irritating ingredients, more suitable for sensitive skin use, even if it contains a small amount of alcohol will be evaporated when sprayed out.

● Loose powder is usually powder, which will also cause the phenomenon of makeup removal. The setting spray is mist, after the face will form a film, so it is not easy to take off makeup, makeup effect is also more durable. Secondly, the film formed by the setting spray on the face gives our makeup a glossier look.

● Setting spray is also more convenient to use, do not need to set the makeup with a powder puff like the traditional setting products, but also may damage the makeup. So setting spray is more suitable for newcomers to use.

● In the make-up, holding a tissue to absorb the oil and powder on the face after the face dry and no shine. But if you spray a layer of setting magic and then puff powder, you can make our face look more translucent, and it will not cause the phenomenon of stuck powder, so that the makeup feels more natural.

● Setting spray contains oil control powder, can effectively regulate sebum secretion, improve sebum excess problem. The light film can reduce the amount of oil on the face and make the makeup look more refreshing.


Compared to loose powder, setting spray is more suitable for summer, it can lock your glowing makeup very well!