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The make up remover wipe is possibly the most important of all the beauty products designed to make people’s lives easier. It is true that remover wipes are easy to use, but improper use can cause adverse effects. Especially in modern times with serious air pollution, no makeup does not mean that the pores will be clean and not blocked. Therefore, it is important to keep in your mind some steps of using them properly.

1. What is make up remover wipe

Make up wipes are tissues or cotton that contain cleansing or makeup removing ingredients. Mostly them are disposable and portable. It’s basically a skin savior for everyone who leads a hectic lifestyle.

2. Benefits and disadvantages

Comparing with traditional make up removers, make up removing cleansing wipe have distinctive benefits over them and disadvantages that we need to pay attention to.

So, what goods can these wipes bring to us? First of all, they are travel-friendly. During travels and overnight stays, we have to stuff our bags with all kinds of necessity. For some, make up tools are a must-have. To some degree, they are as important as make ups. But it would be too much of a hassle to bring along the assortment of make up things.

At this time, these cotton which contain cleansing ingredients and are wrapped in a small bag, are so handy and convenient that they can perfectly put in the package, without occupying too much. It saves you from preparing small bottles for cleansing water or cleansing cream or cleansing oil, which is not an easy task.

Additionally, they don’t require a lather and rinse. Traditional make up removers like I mentioned above, require extra effort and tedious steps, either foaming or warming in circular motions (to make cleansing cream melt).

But for cleansing wipes, all you need is just take it out when you need it. And using cleansing wipes is exactly the same as using normal tissues: put them on your face and gently wipe off make up. All of the factors make it all-round convenient-particularly for those who are too busy or lazy to care for their skincare.

However, some experts suggest that you may use make up remover wipes quite like you should. First and foremost, they cannot really wipe out make up completely. they only remove the cosmetics on the surface, but fail to enter the inner layer of the skin to take away the more stubborn chemical that are left by the makeup.

The chances are that the residual make up can easily penetrate the skin, and they are invisible to the naked eye. As a result, this causes skin melanin precipitation for a long time. That is the reason why these products are called the godsend of first aid, but are not recommended for regular use.

Second, the cleansing wipes contain active cleaning ingredients, high concentrations of solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsified residues after make up removal, which pose a threat on your skin. Frequent skin contact with these ingredients can damage and make the skin painful or sore.

In addition, ingredients such as preservatives and alcohol are also added to these wipes, which can cause great damage to the skin. For example, the skin becomes very dry. The harmful chemicals destroy the inner layer of the skin, resulting in an imbalance of water and oil, which causes dry skin.

Last but not least, the texture of the remover is not so soft, and frequent wiping of the skin will lead to constant friction between your skin and the cotton, a great risk that makes the skin be pulled and loosened. In a word, this quick solution is mostly too good to be true.

3. Suggestions on using make up remover wipe

The specialists cautious that If you are going to use a wipe, make sure to follow a few tips:

A. To avoid impurities settling into the skin, wipe from bottom to top, inside to out. Some small chemicals can get into the inner part of our skin and escape from wiping away. It is advised to check every corner of your skin. You definitely do not want your skin exposed to risky factors overnight.

B. After using the make up remover, it is best to rinse with a lot of water, which can relieve skin allergies, reduce the damage of the make up remover to the skin, and avoid incomplete make up removal. Moreover, the irritants from the make up cleansing wipes are less likely to settle into the skin.

C. It is best to do some moisturizing measures to the skin to remedy after washing your face with a cotton pad. Some cotton pads may themselves contain moisturizing ingredients, but there are also products that do not. So, remember to put the moisturizing lotion you use in your bag. In particular, people with dry and sensitive skin are susceptible to irritating substances. Some alcohol-based make up remover wipes can also cause stinging. Therefore, moisturizing is highly recommended.

D. In addition, friends with eczema and rosacea are best not to use removers, otherwise it will aggravate skin irritation.

E. Do not apply ordinary remover wipes on eyes and mouths. For the eyes, use a remover that has been designed specifically for this sensitive area to remove dirt including waterproof mascara.

F. Check product ingredients and watch out for chemicals like formaldehyde that act as preservatives. Those wipes that contain phenoxyethanol are safe to use.

G. Avoid fragranced remover wipes in case of irritating the skin.

Make up remover wipes are increasingly a favorable choice for makeup enthusiasts due to its convenience and immediacy. It is thus advisable that pay attention to proper use of this products so as to protect our delicate skin.