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Knowing how to use loose powder is essential to prolong and maintain your bright look in this hot summer. The extremely high temperatures and fierce sunlight on the roads melted our elaborate makeup and left us feeling creamy and sticky. However, the magic loose powder can help us set our makeup and avoid this embarrassing situation, so that we always have confidence and beauty.

What is loose powder? Is it safe to use?

Loose powder is a dry powder type of setting product, mostly in the form of fine powder, but also pressed into a powder cake or ball-shaped powder. The light and delicate powder can quickly absorb excess oil on the face, giving the makeup an advanced matte feel, while having a good setting effect, making the makeup more durable.

Its main components are fine talc, bismuth chloride, mineral powder, etc. Talc is safe, but pregnant women and children are better not to use it. A small amount of loose powder used daily by ordinary people is not harmful. Talcum powder is generally harmless to the skin, because talcum powder belongs to the natural silicate, the main component is hydrated magnesium silicate, containing a large number of silicon elements, can play a blocking infrared and absorb sweat and other effects. But when using talcum powder should be careful not to inhale to the lungs, inhaling the lungs is prone to coughing leading to pneumonia and other situations.

In order to achieve a better setting effect and reduce damage to the skin, some brands of loose powder have added more advanced ingredients.

For example, Weightless Soft-velvet Blurring Loose Powder from Perfect Diary, in addition to the basic ingredients for setting makeup, has been purposely added with royal jelly extract,which contains 8 essential amino acids to achieve a healthy skin balance, inositol essence which extracted from rice bran, enhancing skin moisture, and grapeseed which contains a variety of microelements for anti-oxidation.

How to use loose powder and when?

Loose powder is the last step of makeup, after you finish your glamorous look, we use loose powder to keep the makeup in place long after.

1. First, use a loose powder puff to dab an appropriate amount of loose powder and press it evenly onto the face, taking care not to apply it horizontally or vertically, but to pat it away by pressing it gently.

2. Use a loose powder brush to remove excess loose powder from the face, so that the loose powder can better fit the skin, paying particular attention to the skin around the nose, which is in a special position and prone to powder jamming, so special attention is needed. When using a loose powder brush, be gentle and brush in the direction of skin pore growth.

3. Repeat the above actions until the face is well powdered and the makeup is complete.

Compared with setting spray, what’s the advantages of loose powder?

Loose powder not only absorbs excess oil on the face, but also makes the makeup more durable and detailed, and loose powder has the effect of covering up the blemishes on the face, making the makeup look softer and having a hazy beauty. The setting spray is usually used after painting makeup, the main effect is to set the makeup, can make the whole makeup more lasting. To achieve better results, loose powder and setting spray can also be used together.

What to pay attention to when setting makeup:

The spray is a colorless, transparent liquid state that can only be used in small amounts, and if the base makeup products are not waterproof enough, it is likely that the entire makeup will be ruined. The first time you use the spray, be sure to pay attention to the distance away, grasp the water distance and the amount of normal use again.

The loose powder is a powder texture, when using, easy to fly powder. If you’re not careful, it will rub off on your clothes, and it’s a little difficult to control the amount.


Learning how to use loose powder allows us to keep a long-lasting shiny look, especially in summer, that means a lot. If you want to pick a suitable loose powder product, Perfect Diary’s products have a very high international review.