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You’re just one dark lip liner and lip gloss away from sexy thick lips! Many people’s lip shapes are different, thin or thick, or the lip contour is not clear. At this time, we can use the lip liner to draw our ideal lip shape, create the desired lip contour, and adapt to different makeup.

If you are accustomed to using dark lipsticks, you can choose a color that is similar to the lipstick color or slightly lighter, which can better highlight the texture and color of the lipstick. If you are used to using light-colored lipstick, you should choose a lip liner that is like your lip color to avoid being too obtrusive or covering the effect of the lipstick.

If you were born in the 80s or earlier, remember how your female elders liked to wear makeup in the 80s? Or the Hollywood stars who were all the rage in the 1980s (what kind of looks? Big curly hair, thick eyebrows, red lips, lip lines deeper than lipstick, and the three-dimensional contours deliberately shaped by dark eye shadows are all memories of that era.

Is it out of date? certainly. Although it is said that the retro trend of the 1980s was blowing throughout the year in 2009, it just captured some shining points and reinterpreted them. Retro is not a re-enactment. Blindly chasing the trend can only make you ridiculous.

For example, lip liner, if you think it is already out, it has already been abandoned at the bottom of the box. Yes, aunties in the ’80s (they were young girls back then) used to outline full lips with a lip liner one shade darker than lipstick, then fill in red lipstick.

From a distance, the entire lip looks like a closed-lip line, which is extremely unnatural! You know, this is not the fault of the lip liner, but the method of use. If your lip line is not clear or you use dark lipstick, the lip liner is a good helper to help you create a three-dimensional plump lip contour.

Makeup artists use a compromise: use a lip liner in the same color as the lipstick. This will not accentuate the lines of the lip liner and can make the lip makeup full and three-dimensional. This is also due to the variety of colors of lip liner, such as the double-ended automatic lip liner recently launched by Benefit.

And if you love nude lips, you can use a flesh-colored lip liner; if you love dark red lips, you can use a dark lip liner and lip gloss. With lip liner, applying lipstick is a simple coloring game, just fill in the lips with a lip brush, retro and modern!

How to choose and use dark lip liner and lip gloss?

For example, you can consider a double-ended lip liner. One end of the lip liner is a lip liner, and the other end is a lip brush, which is convenient and quick to use together. The pen tip is relatively thin, which can accurately describe the lip shape and draw a perfect lip shape.

At the same time, the lipstick is not easy to smudge, and the makeup effect is more durable. It is worth mentioning that this lip liner calms and softens the skin of the lips. The end of the lip brush is used to pick up the lipstick and apply it to the entire lip. The color will be better, and the lipstick can be applied more evenly and fully.

Lip liner doesn’t just frame a frame so that lipstick doesn’t get out of the frame, it’s more about perfecting your lips. So, people who feel that the lip contour is not perfect need to prepare one!

The natural and inconspicuous way to draw the lip line is to apply the lip line first, and then use a cotton swab to gently smudge the lip line, leaving only a faint line, and then apply the lipstick, the effect will be much more natural.

After lip balm is fully applied, use a tissue to gently press between the upper and lower lips to absorb excess oil. After the lips are completely drawn, use a variety of expressions, up and down, left and right to make sure they are perfect.