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How to use Eyelash Primer Mascara and eyelash primers before mascara applications are top searches regarding eye makeup. If you are one of them looking for the same questions, then this article is the place to start.

Makeup Aficionados know the importance of primers when it comes to eye makeup, especially in the case of eyeshadows. The same is for the Mascaras, which demand more to unlock the best look. For makeup, we have heard how frustrating patchy makeup and transfers are, which can ruin one’s day even if they have used quality products. Our mascaras are also prone to such issues if not correctly applied and can be plagued by smudging, flaking and

Mascara Primers, Your Lashes Best Friend
They truly are. Like your foundation and eyeshadows, which work best when they meet a nice coat of quality face primer, lashes also need primers. These primers, or Mascara primers, are designed to be the first coat on the lashes. If you are still wondering why, you need a primer. Read these kickass pros they pack within them, then decide.

1. Promote the health of lashes.

2. Make them thicker, longer, and stronger thanks to keratin enriching.

3. Provides the best possible tacky surface, which is more acceptable to the mascara.

4. Boosts adhesion with the mascara.

5. Makes the lashes smooth by filling the cracks between the keratin filaments of your lashes.

6. They are rich in ingredients that will boost healthy nutrients to your lashes.

7. After application, the lashes become more voluminous

8. It Also helps the eyelashes to hold a proper curl for your styling.

9. Better eyelash separation, which is highly critical to avoid clumping.

How to use Eyelash Primer Mascara?

1. Condition your eyelashes! This step is mainly forgotten by most of us, resulting in a very different look that one intended to get in the first place. Condition your eyelashes with baby oil one day before applying mascara, preferably overnight. Use a clean wand to apply baby oil or Vaseline. You can also opt for an eyelash conditioner if you want to spend a meaningful investment on your eyelashes.

2. Start by dipping your wand in the tube of your mascara primer and pick a nominal amount.

3. Start to apply from the roots of your eyelashes and gently wiggle the wand moving to the tips of your eyelashes.

4. Repeat step two for the top eyelashes.

4. Wait thirty seconds to let the primer do its thing until it gets a little dry.

5. Apply your mascara following the same technique used for the primer and see the results.

Pro Tips:

1. Always replace your mascara primer with the mascara after three to four months.

2. Most primers use a colophony chemical that some people may find themselves allergic to. Ensure that the product you are using will not irritate your skin.

3. Looking to invest in mascara, which is also nourishing? Try our recommendation of Wide Angle Overcurl Lengthening Mascara from Perfect Diary. It is crafted to ensure that every eyelash is treated with this ultra-premium mascara formula, giving you a long-lasting look that will dry within seconds and last all day. At the time of writing, it also has five-star ratings—a highly recommended product.

4. Use an eyelash curler to get that perfect curled look if your eyelashes need to be in better shape. Use it for at least ten seconds for each eyelash set. You can also go one step further by using a blow dryer to heat your eyelashes and then use the curler.

5. Always remove mascara before going to bed. Why? Because sleeping with them can blockage of your tiny pores and natural secretions, which need their way to come out. Your mascara may be good-looking, but it can give you infections if not removed before sleeping., Make sure to remove it properly so that it doesn’t accumulate any form of bacteria or infections.

6. Some people try to cover mascara with their concealers. It’s never a good idea to do that. Just take good care while applying it and avoid over-application.

This was our take on the topic of How to use Eyelash Primer Mascara and related things. Hope we have covered everything you want to know. Browse through our website to learn more.