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Do you prefer liquid or pencil eyeliner? Many beginners will ignore eyeliner when they start makeup, and they will think that it is too difficult to draw and master, so there is no such step. However, the most important thing in eye makeup is eyeliner, because eyeliner can brighten the eyes and make the whole face look more beautiful. It can better modify the shape of the eyes and enhance their appearance.

Eyeliner can adjust our less-than-perfect eye shape and determine different styles of makeup. It has the icing on the cake effect on the modification of human eyes, which can enlarge the eyes and make the eyes more aura. This point is especially obvious in the ID photo, it affects the overall look, so the eyeliner is very important.

Eyeliner is commonly divided into pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner refill is a hard material, which is more convenient to use. It is very suitable for beginners but it is easy to blur makeup. Liquid eyeliner is more suitable for people with certain skills. Its pen tip is very thin and smooth, and it is suitable for drawing on the pick or clear retro eyeliner.

The biggest difference between eyeliner and liquid eyeliner is the makeup effect. Because the eyeliner is a lead powder refill, the eyeliner effect drawn is relatively natural, without a reflective effect, and the color of the eyeliner can be adjusted according to the intensity of use, which can create a gradual eyeliner effect.

Which one do you prefer? The liquid or pencil eyeliner? Liquid eyeliner is mostly liquid with oil and colloid added. The eyeliner has obvious color, a smooth line, and high reflectiveness. The makeup effect is obvious, the thickness of the line can be well adjusted, and the makeup effect lasts longer and is not easy to smudge.

The color of the eyeliner can be easily wiped and superimposed, which is easier for beginners to use and use, but it is more troublesome to use a knife to cut out the required thickness and length.

Liquid eyeliner does not require tools to adjust, but the use of liquid eyeliner is relatively difficult. The liquid line needs to be drawn smoothly and evenly in one shot. The thickness of the eyeliner needs to adjust the strength of the hand and hone the drawing skills. The color is not easy to blend with eye shadow.

In terms of softness and hardness, generally speaking, it is easier for newbies to use harder eyeliners because eyeliners with hard tips are easier to control. And eyeliner is the generally soft head, when painting, it is easy to shake hands. And the thickness is not easy to control.

In terms of safety, liquid eyeliner is better. It has a particularly soft head and hardly causes damage to the skin around the eyes. And because the pen tip is very thin, it can be seamlessly connected to the root of the eyelashes, so you don’t have to worry about creating a thin gap like eyeliner. The finished eyeline is as natural as its own color. And it’s super durable.

The outline of eyeliner is a very important part of daily makeup because the eyeliner will highlight the characteristics of large and beautiful eyes. Outlining beautiful eyeliner is mainly done by eye makeup tools such as liquid or pencil eyeliner, or gel eyeliner.

The choice of eyeliner or liquid eyeliner should be considered according to the specific makeup look. It is best to choose products that are waterproof and oil-proof and not easy to smudge. Usually, nude makeup or eyes do not like obvious modification, you can choose more natural eyeliner; pay attention to eye makeup and like to highlight the look of the eyes, you can choose eyeliner with a more obvious effect.

It is recommended that you can buy both liquid or pencil eyeliner. After you get it, you can actually use it and see which one suits you better. This is the most practical and feasible way.

No matter which eyeliner product you choose, you need to do a good job of primer and makeup. After returning home, remember to remove makeup in time, and pay attention to eye care and moisturizing.