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Looking for the best eyeliner brush for gel? Eyeliner is getting hotter and hotter recently. It has the characteristics of eyeliner that can be smudged, and the effect of eyeliner saturation. It is very useful. I believe that many girls with “inner double” or “invisible eye crease” don’t know how to use eyeliner to draw eyeliner, especially beginners who are just beginning to contact eyeliner are troublesome.

Among all the makeup products, eyeliner should be the simplest and easiest to produce results. By changing the thickness of the eyeliner, we can make our eyes more attractive and sexy. Although it is the simplest product, if it is used indiscriminately, it will have the opposite effect.

In general, the use of eyeliner is still very simple. The main thing is to choose a suitable brush when painting and make good use of small skills, then you can get sexy and charming eyeliner.

What’s the best eyeliner brush for gel?

Eyeliner brushes are usually used together with eyeliner cream. If the technique is good, the drawn lines will be clear, and the makeup will last for a long time. I use the brushes along the lines myself, but there are several types of eyeliner brushes. You need to find the one that suits you. Yes, that’s enough.

Some girls may find the fine liner brush useful. Apply eyeliner with a fine liner brush, wipe off excess liner on a tissue or flatten and thin the brush on the back of your hand, then start lining. If you want a natural and soft eyeliner, the inner corner of the eye should be drawn as thin as possible, and the outer corner of the eye can be extended slightly outwards so that the eyes will be more energetic and brighter.

Some girls prefer the slanted eyeliner brush. Select the slanted eyeliner brush to wet it first, so that it does not drip, then take a small amount of eyeliner, and adjust it evenly on the back of the hand before use.

In makeup, although cosmetics are the theme, the focus of determining the effect is the use of tools. A suitable tool can bring unexpected bonus points to the makeup. The eyeliner brush used with eyeliner is the tool we often use when drawing eyeliner, but there are many categories of these brushes, such as flat head, bevel, hard hair, softer, and so on.

Different brushes are used in different ranges, and if you are a novice who is not proficient in using eyeliner, you will use more flat-headed brushes or eyeliners, which will be easier to operate.

Any issues with finding the best eyeliner brush for gel? When using eyeliner, it is recommended to use an angled brush with hard bristles. First of all, it is easy to shake hands when we draw eyeliner. If the bristles are too soft, it is not easy to confirm. In addition, the ductility of eyeliner is very low. If you are not careful when applying makeup, it will cause non-compliance. Therefore, you need a makeup brush with makeup ability to press the product evenly on the skin surface.

No matter which brush you use, you should clean it after use. The eyeliner brush is a special eyeliner brush for eyeliner. Because the eyeliner brush is used for creamy gel products, it is more difficult to clean than the brushes of powder products such as eyeshadow brushes and blushes. If it is not cleaned in time, the eyeliner will cake on the brush. It affects the direction and hair quality of the brush. It is recommended to wash it after use.

When applying eyeliner, draw from the middle of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, and make the eyeliner “thick at the outer corner of the eye and thin at the inner corner of the eye”, or you can make the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eye the same thickness according to your eye shape.

Then, prop up the eyelids slightly, and use the eyeliner brush to fill in the outer part of the gap of the eyelash line, that is, only the part close to the eyelid, and the part close to the eyeball is not filled, only filling the outer side will make the eyes look bigger, and filling it will make the eyes appear larger. Be careful not to injure your eyes.