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Rose gold color palettes are now the best sellers of all the cosmetics brands. Rose gold eye shadow can be said to be the most unmissable makeup look in fall, and it is very suitable for people of any age. When creating fall makeup, the most important points to pay attention to are eye makeup and blush.

It’s arguably made for fall, and it works on any face shape, though the types that work with each face shape are quite different. If you have a small round face, when choosing caramel maple leaf makeup, you can try more orange-brown eye makeup, use an orange base for brown overlays, and choose a lighter shade on the blush.

You can see a lot of KOL now recommend the rose gold color palettes everywhere on the internet. The atmosphere of fall s getting stronger and stronger, and many sisters have made great changes in dressing style and makeup, especially in makeup. If you want to buy some new cosmetics products, it is a good time now!

Looking for some rose gold color palettes?

In the subjective feelings of many people, the tone of autumn is more inclined to golden yellow, and therefore, many people prefer wine red and rose tones when making up. There are five key points to creating a good-looking and not tacky fall makeup look, a gentle and temperamental early fall feeling!

As the foundation of the entire makeup, the base makeup is very important, because the skin will become relatively dry in fall, so it is best to do a good job of moisturizing before applying makeup so that the makeup is impeccable.

If the skin is too dry and the makeup is not compliant or peeling, you can add a few drops of essence to the liquid foundation to achieve the moisturizing effect and make the makeup more suitable for the skin. In the process of applying makeup, you can soak the beauty egg or prismatic powder puff, so that the effect of the foundation makeup lasts longer, and it can also avoid powder sticking.

Blush is essential for fall, not only to brighten the complexion but also to make people feel full of vitality. However, many people don’t know how to draw blush to look better. The choice is based on the face shape. For example, girls with long faces are suitable for applying blush on the cheeks of the face, which will weaken the defect of the long face.

Girls with round faces are suitable for hitting the cheekbones, which will make the face look smaller. Don’t choose a blush that is too rosy in fall, just play a role in raising the complexion slightly.

The eyeshadow is the key point of the fall makeup. When choosing rose gold color palettes, you can tray the Perfect Diary iconic item, the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette. Or the Fantasist Eyeshadow Palette. This eyeshadow is inspired by the traditional Chinese courtyard, giving you the best rose gold or shiny performance of fall. The 16 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and gold glitters are all popular among KOL fall makeup looks.

The colors are so pigmented with wonderful colorful payoff. The eye makeup can last a day long if you put it on. The main theme of fall is a gentle feeling, so the eyeliner should not be too high-profile. The inner eyeliner is very suitable for autumn, which can make the eyes look more energetic without strong makeup.

Since the eye makeup and blush part has created a three-dimensional effect, if the lipstick chooses mirror lip glaze, the makeup will be too prominent. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a matte and foggy type of lipstick, which will be more advanced.

After the base makeup is done, don’t forget to deal with the blemishes on the skin. Use concealer to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Here, you should pay attention to choosing a concealer that is more moisturizing and moisturizing to avoid the negative effects of dry skin in autumn.

After covering the dark circles, you should also pay attention to brightening the area under the eyes, which can play the role of a finishing touch and avoid the morbid feeling caused by the “dark” color matching in one fell swoop!