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People like to get all kinds of quirky costumes on Halloween, and Halloween glitter eye makeup may be a perfect choice for you to add up your look. You can wear it on Halloween or at other dressing parties. The glitter effect makes you stand out from the crowd, especially at night. If you’re looking for a conspicuous and eye-catching look, don’t hesitate to try this glitter eye look.

Halloween Queen eye look
The point of this look is to match the crown and scepter to act as a queen. The sequins of the eye makeup and the shimmering crown echo the radiance of a queen.

Step 1: Apply your base makeup as usual and conceal your eyebrows. Take a light color bronzer and contour the sides of your nose, jawline, and hairline.

Step 2: Cover the eyelids evenly with a dark lavender eyeshadow. And draw your lower lash line with the same color and blend it. Then apply a dark fuchsia eyeshadow to the outer corner of your upper lash line and work it up into the outer crease. Make sure you blend it outwards to create a smoke-out effect.

Step 3: Use a brush to apply concealer to the inner corner of your upper lash line under the crease. Then take a light green eyeshadow with sparkle and brush it on your concealer. Brush some dark lavender glitter eyeshadow to the outer lid of the upper lash line.

Step 4: Take a medium lavender eyeshadow with sparkle, apply a little between your eyes and nose, and draw some tear stains with the same color. Then brush some liquid glitter eyeshadow to your crease and dab some on the lower lash line. After that, draw your lower eyeliner with a purple shade.

Step 5: Dust some purple highlighter to your nose bridge and tip, upper cheekbone, and upper browbone. At last, finish with pink matte lipstick.

Halloween elf eye look
If a queen look doesn’t fit your type, how about transforming yourself into a sparkle and cute elf? Speaking of Halloween glitter eye makeup, the elf is no doubt a hot topic. Let’s follow the steps to build a perfect elf eye look.

Step 1: Apply your base makeup and fill in your brows. Use an orange-pink blush as eyeshadow and dust it all over your eyelids. Cover the area under your eyes and brush it over the nose bridge.

Step 2: Take some dark eyeshadow with a medium brush and apply it to your upper eyelids. Take it outwards to cover the crease. Then brush your lower lash line with the same color.

Step 3: Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw your eyeliner and take it to the inner corner of both upper and lower eyelids. Then on one side of your eyes, draw a small spider web on the outer corner of your lower eyelids, and cover the lines with liquid glitter eyeshadow. Dab some red lipstick on the lower eyelid on the other side of your eyes, then paste a few water-drop drills on it.

Step 4: Apply some highlighter on your nose bridge and tip and finish with red lipstick. It will be perfect if you match the look with an elf ear, making it more vivid.

Halloween witch eye look
Witches always give people an evil, powerful image. Don’t hesitate to try this one if you crave bad-ass Halloween glitter eye makeup.

Step 1: After completing your base makeup and brows, primer your upper eyelids with a light purple eyeshadow. Then brush some grey-purple shade to the outer corner of your eyelids and make it up to the upper crease. Brush a little on the lower eyelids with the same color as well.

Step 2: Use a dark purple eyeshadow and dab it on the same area that’s covered with grey, purple. Then apply some glitter to the upper eyelids.

Step 3: Take a black eyeliner and draw your eye lines. Start from the inner corner of your lower eyelids with a relatively slim line and extend it to the outer corner. Draw a slightly raised eyeliner along the end of the eye.

Step 4: Draw your lower eyelashes on the lower eyelids and blend them out with a dark eyeshadow. Then brush your upper eyelashes with mascara and apply false eyelashes.

Step 5: Highlight the inner corner of your eyes, nose bridge, and nose tip. Then contour your face and apply the blush with the grey-purple eyeshadow. At last, fill in your lip with dark purple lipstick.