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Orange brown matte lipstick is suitable for a variety of skin tones. Moderate color saturation gives people a warm feeling in autumn, which is ideal for going out in autumn and winter. With a matte texture, it is more durable and can be used on many occasions.

Why matte lipstick?
When using lipstick, many people only notice the color, but the same shade with different textures can build other makeup effects. Matte and moisturizing lipsticks create an entirely different makeup look.

Generally, matte lipsticks are rich in color, with high coverage and durability. But the matte lipstick is drier, and the lips are prone to dryness and peeling. So, it would help if you kept the lips well moisturized before wearing matte lipsticks to create a beautiful look. Lip glosses are generally more moisturizing, so people with dark lips must do concealer first. Otherwise, it will affect the effect of lipstick color rendering.

To sum up, orange brown matte lipstick will be more pigmented, durable, and suitable for an all-day event. At the same time, it saves the trouble of touch-ups.

How to create a perfect orange brown matte lip look?
Step1: Check your lips

Before applying lipstick, check the condition of your lips. If the lips are in good condition and there is no peeling, you can proceed directly to the next step. If your lips are in poor condition, moisturize well; otherwise, the final lip look will be awful.

Step2: Prepare your lips
Apply a lip scrub to your lips, then use a toothbrush to remove dead skin in circular motions. Be careful when brushing your lips so as not to damage your skin. Then wipe off the scrub and dead skin with a tissue, apply lip balm, and leave it on for two to three minutes.

Step3: Primer your lips
Apply an appropriate amount of concealer or foundation to the lips to enhance the color of the lipstick. If your lip color itself is light, you can skip this step.

Step4: Apply lip liner
Apply lip liner to the borders of the lips. A lip liner can help shape your lips and prevent smudging when applying lipstick. This way, the lipstick that comes out will be fuller and more stylish. If you prefer a more natural-looking lipstick, you can choose to blend it with your fingers or a lip brush.

Step5: Apply lipsticks
Pick an orange brown lipstick and apply it to the middle of your lips, slowly working your way to the lip edge where the lip liner were shaped.

Tips when applying orange brown matte lipstick
Vaseline up
Some people may not be used to the dry texture of matte lipsticks. You can apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your lips before applying a matte lipstick, which will relieve the dryness to some extent without affecting the texture of the lipstick. Sometimes, you can also use this method if you are in a hurry to go out, but your lips are in poor condition.

Shape your lips
Lip liner is an excellent option for anyone who wants to change their lip shape. It can help you shape more plump and round lips, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent the lip color from blurring out.

Sometimes you can adjust the saturation of the lipstick color by layering different lipstick colors. After you’ve applied orange-brown lipstick, you can use a bit of nude lipstick on top of it to lighten the color. Be careful to blend the two colors with your fingers.

Two beautiful orange brown matte lipstick looks
In addition to the lips, beautiful makeup should also consider the makeup of other parts. So below, let’s look at some orange brown lip looks.

First is a low-saturated orange-brown makeup. Use a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Take a skin-tone eyeshadow as a base, then a brown eyeshadow to deepen the end of the eye, matching with a fine black eyeliner. The color of the eyebrows is a more ordinary gray-brown, and the blush can be a pinkish brown.

The second one is a cute autumn look. Do your base makeup as usual. Use the brown eyebrow pencil to fill in the brow shape, and then use the same color eyebrow tint to even out the color. The eye shadow is based on light brown and layered with yellow-brown to deepen the end of the eyes. Then draw a natural eyeliner with light brown eyeliner. The mascara is recommended to use brown tones and apply orange brown lipstick