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Cute aesthetic makeup looks are now a hit! I feel that the heat has not dissipated, and the beginning of fall is coming. However, the high temperature does not prevent us from adding autumn clothes to the shopping cart, and of course, autumn cosmetics. After all, there is a word called “preparing for a rainy day”. Every single item has to be carefully selected. It will be too late to buy it when it is needed.

Start learning autumn eye makeup now, and you can apply it skillfully when autumn is strong, and become the most beautiful girl on the street! To unlock the eye makeup that is super suitable for warm autumn!

Want to learn some cute aesthetic makeup looks?

The red leaves dye the trees and the yellow leaves spread the ground. It is a romance that belongs to fall alone. Walking on the trail with the person you like, feeling the comfort brought by the fall wind, stepping on the golden leaves, thinks it is very bad. Especially suitable for this mood is the orange eye makeup. It’s like putting fall into the eyes, and it makes people sink at a glance.

Choose the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette from the Perfect Diary, 13 Red Fox is the best palette to use in the fall. Try Cave, a color that is as beautiful as dead leaves and has a magnificent sense of life burning out. It is best to apply it to the eye sockets and lower eyelids as a base color to set the tone. Then choose the Vulpes shade, a warm orange pink, and smudge the end of the eye and the lower eyelid.

Finally, use Wink quicksand yellow, which is as bright as the sunset, and embellish the middle of the eye and the lower eyelid to brighten and add color. In just three steps, you can get an eye shadow full of a sweet fall atmosphere. It’s simple and easy to use.

The explorer Eyeshadow Palette can give you the different cute aesthetic makeup looks you want. This powder eye shadow will not appear as flying powder. It is creamy and fine in texture, soft to the touch, and has good ductility. It is easy to spread and smudge. Whether it is with fingers or an eyeshadow brush, the color can be full, and it is also the most suitable for green hands or pros.

A double-headed professional brush is included, with this palette on hand, you can take it with you on the go, and redo makeup quickly with the mirror included.

The makeup effect of powder eyeshadow is the longest-lasting, so it is also the most suitable for oily girls! Using the eyeshadow brush can better control the powder, it is very suitable for makeup novices to superimpose a small number of times. Of course, it is more suitable for beauty bigwigs to play by themselves, superimposing a variety of colors to create more effects.

To shape the big eyes, in addition to the above eyeshadow, eyeliner is also indispensable. Thick eyeliner can enhance the size of the eyes and make the eyes bigger, but for daily makeup, don’t draw the eyeliner too thickly, it will make the overall makeup look too abrupt.

Everyone can make the eyeliner a little thicker at the end of the eye if you use Eye-Catching Ultra Precision Eyeliner. This eyeliner is developed with homogeneous particles technology, giving you the immediate high-impact payoff in performance. The darkest color in the eyeshadow can be used to deepen the lower lash line, and a pair of three-dimensional and deep natural eyes will appear once you are done.

Whether you are looking for some waterproof, smudge-proof, fake-proof, or all of them, you can be satisfied when using Eye-Catching Ultra Precision Eyeliner. The slim 0.01 mm ultra-precise tip can help you draw a perfect line in just one sec. And we give you seven different color choices to build your cute aesthetic makeup looks. The colors are fantastic and smoothly bright, you can even use it all seasons.

From the refreshing summer makeup in the past, it has gradually developed into warm makeup that matches the autumn atmosphere. However, there are many kinds of autumn makeup looks, and it is not easy to find the one that suits you. The choice of lipstick needs to be coordinated with eyeshadow.