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How do you use a lip scrub against callus? The lips will also produce callus, and the callus will affect the beauty of the lip makeup. If you feel callus on the lips, don’t bite it with your lips, and don’t tear it with your hands, otherwise, it will be prone to infection. And lip scrub has the effect of removing callus and moisturizing the lips, so it is necessary to use lip scrub in time.

If you have lip makeup, you need to remove the lip makeup first. After cleaning, apply a hot towel to the lips to soften the callus on the lips and remove them easily. Lips scrub can not be mixed with facial scrubs. Facial scrubs are used for facial exfoliation and callus care, but not for lips. Facial scrubs generally contain mostly chemical ingredients. Lip care It is not good for your health after eating it carelessly.

Exfoliate your lips and use a special exfoliating scrub for your lips. Lip exfoliating scrubs are generally made of natural materials, even if you accidentally ingest them. No harm to the body. So it is recommended that you still use a professional lip scrub.

Lip exfoliator is by adding small solid particles in the paste to generate friction, remove callus on the lips, and promote the metabolism of the lips. Although the lip scrub has the effect of removing callus, it cannot be used frequently. It is enough for sensitive skin to use once a month. Frequent use will excessively exfoliate the keratin of the lips, causing the lips to become more fragile and sensitive.

The lip skin itself is very thin, especially fragile and sensitive. When using the scrub, you should not use too much force, and after using the scrub, you should use the lipstick in time to help the lip skin moisturize and hydrate.

So how do you use a lip scrub? Next, let’s discuss how to use it. Use it correctly to care for the lip skin, otherwise, it may lead to cheilitis, which is not worth the loss. If you have cheilitis, you can’t even make up and use scrubs. At this time, you should listen to the doctor’s advice and wait until cured before using it.

Before using the lip scrub, you need to moisten the lips, apply a hot towel to the lips, and then use the scrub, and also have a lip care step after use. After using the hot towel, you can use the lip scrub. If it is like a lipstick-shaped scrub, apply it directly to the mouth like applying lipstick.

If it is not a lipstick-shaped scrub, you can dig out the scrub and use your fingers to do a massage. This process has a rubbing effect on the callus, which can make the callus fall off. It only takes two or three minutes. After rubbing, rinse it off with water, and then use a lip balm for a thick coating.

You can also apply a lip mask when you are at home watching TV or reading, which can also soften the keratin and reduce lip wrinkles. You can also use moisturizing lipstick or lip gloss. You can do it together with a facial mask, thus you will not forget.

When removing makeup, pay attention to using appropriate makeup remover products, do not remove too much makeup, and do not clean too much. Don’t just wipe off the lipstick with water, because if the makeup is not clean, it will lead to residual makeup and damage the skin of the mouth.

How do you use a lip scrub? Was it used within the warranty period? The lip scrub usually lasts one year, which is different from that of other cosmetics. Many scrubs contain brown sugar, so it cannot be stored for too long. It should be used up within its expiration. It should not be placed in a place where the temperature is too high to prevent it from melting and deteriorating.

Many famous brands on the market now offer lip scrubs, which are generally mild and suitable for sensitive skin. If you don’t know how to choose, you can refer to their sales reviews and choose a product that suits you.