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Are you curious about prom makeup blue eyes? Blue eyes are as charming and deep as the sea, which makes people sink into them unconsciously. How do blue eyes become the most attractive queen at prom?

Let’s get more makeup inspiration here to make your prom makeup flawless for such a grand occasion. This will help you become flirty and luscious and can recreate your personal style.

The human eye has many colors, green, brown, black… Blue is one of the very rare ones. Blue eyes are mainly found in Europe, especially in northern Europe such as Iceland and Finland, and about 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes. What is the best way to maximize the beauty of blue eyes? The right eye makeup is very crucial. Below we provide makeup tips for prom makeup blue eyes.

What color eyeshadow is best for blue eyes?
The trick to making your eyes stand out is to use an eyeshadow that is the opposite color of your eyes.

If your eyes are blue, then orange is a great choice. Eyeshadows that are orange-toned can show off your stunning eyes well, such as light brown, bronze, etc. Of course, to attend the prom, applying a more exaggerated makeup is also very eye-catching, such as eyeshadow with pearlescent, or more sequins to create a sparkling eye makeup.

Purple eyeshadow is also perfect for prom makeup blue eyes, it’s dreamier and bolder, making your blue eyes stand out. However, some blue eyes can look tired after using purple. If your eyes are light blue, or a bit of a grayish blue, go for pink and gold eyeshadows. These two colors are very gentle, and with blue eyes, they look like pure and beautiful angels that make people fall in love at first sight.

Smoky eye makeup can be tried on blue eyes too. But the traditional smoky eye makeup will hide your blue eyes, you can pair it with more gold, pink to synthesize the exaggeration and intensity of smoky eye makeup.

It’s worth noting that most prom makeup is very heavy, even exaggerated, but blue eyes are better for a clear look. But when everyone’s eye makeup is very complicated, light eye makeup and blue eyes look very unique instead. Of course, there should not be too many constraints, any eye makeup can be tried and may collide with a unique charm.

Lipstick suggestions for prom makeup blue eyes
Lipstick also has a great impact on the entire makeup, so what is the best lipstick color to go with blue eyes?

Light pink: blue eyes make people feel clear and holy, so choosing a light pink lipstick to go with it can better present this elegance. As if a beauty in a painting, the light pink color makes the whole face softer, but with a light detachment.

Mauve: Mauve is also perfect for blue eyes. You can use mauve eyeshadow so that it matches better with your lip makeup. The whole mauve makeup looks very delicate with blue eyes.

Rose red: If you want to look more imposing and grander, don’t miss the wonderful meeting of rose red with blue eyes. Just like dew and rose, blue eyes, and rose red lipstick are strongly contrasting but collide for a charming effect. It is worth noting that a light coat of rose red lipstick is enough, no need to overdo it.

In conclusion
The blue eyes are very beautiful and the best gift from God. At the ball, these eyes are attractive enough. We can use more colors and techniques to amplify the charm of these eyes.

If your eyes are not blue, but another color, there are also more unique makeup looks that match. But if you really want to experiment with blue eyes, you can pick up a blue contact product. That way you too can have blue eyes instantly. But usually, people with blue eyes are from the Nordic region, and they also have almost transparent white skin. If our skin is yellowish or dark, it may look amazing with blue eyes.

Finally, we hope your stunning blue eyes will find the perfect look for you to be the shining one on prom!