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Have you ever tried to apply black lip liner with red lipstick? Black lip liner is not common when it comes to our makeup, many people think that black lip liner is hard to handle and difficult to go through with good makeup results. Usually, black lip liner is more suitable for darker lipsticks to go for a dark gothic mysterious look.

When it comes to nail art and hair coloring, ombre styles have been a popular and well-loved fashion trend. But the same can be said for the lips. Using black lip liner with red lipstick can show off this ombre style very well and bring another charming vintage makeup experience.

Before being specific, many makeup newcomers might ask: Is lip liner necessary? It is certainly very necessary for a more perfect lip makeup look.

Lip liner is effective in many ways. For example, it is able to improve the details of our lips, outline our lips, draw a perfect lip shape, and most importantly, prevent lipstick from going out of bounds and staining away. If our lip shape is not very obvious, you can use lip liner to make adjustments and create a perfect lip makeup.

When using a lip liner, you should first pinch the tip of the lip liner with your fingers to soften it down, so that it will be more fluid if you use it, and it is not only used to outline the lip shape, it can also be applied to the entire lip, and then painted with lipstick, so that the lip makeup is not easy to fall off and can be maintained for a long time.

When buying lip liner, remember to pick the color and lip color more with, not too exaggerated, if you do not know which kind to choose, you can first test the color to see if it suits you, and then when buying to pay attention to the degree of softness, if the skin is darker, you can choose a deeper lip liner.

After preparing the black lip liner, we can choose a classic vintage red lipstick. Red lipstick is a classic beauty item that will never go out of style and is always loved by everyone and can create a variety of styles.

Elegant shades with a mousse-like matte texture, the ReadMe Lips Heartbeat Collection from Perfect Diary is a very good choice for you.

How to wear black lip liner with red lipstick?

Go for a finish with red lipstick and it will give you an absolutely sexy red gradient color lip. Red lipstick and a black lip liner is needed here. You need to draw a black line on the inner corner of your mouth and a line on your lower lip. Then trace over the black line with red lipstick. And last, draw the red lipstick evenly over the entire lip. Thus, a vintage look is completed.

Some tips for a more exquisite lip look

Dry and flaky lips: Use a clean tissue to prevent lipstick stains on your teeth. Roll a clean tissue into a strip about the size of your finger and put it in your mouth, then slowly pull the tissue out, you can use this method to avoid the dilemma.

Lipstick to blush: Apply lipstick on both cheeks and then gently dab the blush with the temperature of your fingertips to make it very natural.

Change the thickness of your lips: cover the lip color with concealer, blur the lip line, and use a lip liner to trace the desired lip size, then fill in the entire lip shape with a lipstick of the same color.

Tips for long-lasting lip makeup: after wiping on the first layer of lipstick, use a tissue to lightly sip away the excess oil, and then just put on another layer of lipstick afterwards. This will not be stuck lip lines; lip makeup will also be more flattering.