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Do you have a professional face paint palette? In the makeup industry this summer, different situations have emerged under the influence of masks. The lipstick status of the old hegemony is not guaranteed, and eye makeup may become the biggest winner.

In makeup, eye makeup is the most important part, and the soul of eye makeup is eye shadow. As one of the most widely-selected items in makeup, we often feel the thrill when choosing eye shadows, you may often buy too much.

As long as you start with the most suitable multi-color professional face paint palette, study the color matching, and match your face according to the occasion, it is efficient and decent. Not only saves the budget, but also slays the audience, and you will have a full sense of achievement when brushing the iron sheet.

The handicapped party starts with monochromatic eye shadow, sweeps the eye shadow on the end of the eye with an eye shadow brush, and then advances from the end of the eye to the head of the eye, and finally renders the end of the eye to create a gradient effect. But if you’re a makeup veteran, of course, you need a good makeup palette.

How to use the multiple color palette? We can use a colorful multi-color palette. Multi-color eye shadows can be matched with their colors to find the group that suits you best (you can refer to the recommended combinations of beauty bloggers).

First, fill the eye socket with light color, then use the intermediate color to spread in the eye to the end of the eye, use a brush to blend naturally, then use the darkest color shape to blend the eye end. Finally, use a brightening color (light, pearl, large sequins) to brighten the top of the eyes, the middle of the eyes, and the lower lids, it’s super beautiful!

Do you have a professional face paint palette?

When choosing your own professional face paint palette, the quality is naturally nothing to say, the powder is fine, the smudge effect is good, and the color rendering should be high. You need a blendable and long-wear palette. Consider the Perfect Diary Iconic Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes. Create any bold and stylish makeup looks in this palette with shades of hit colors.

Compared to other makeup products, eyeshadow palettes are one of the easiest products for beginners to step on the thunder. The control of makeup color is more difficult for the makeup green hand.

When people buy eyeshadow palettes, they are always attracted by the beauty of multi-color palettes, but when they buy them back, they find that they don’t know how to match the makeup, and even the eyes are a little disaster.

Have you ever used Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette? In this set of nine-color eye shadows, the overall color scheme tends to be warm, and the color does not feel bright enough, but the color is very bold and advanced. The colors are not particularly saturated, and relatively speaking, it is also very suitable for girls with single eyelids and inner double eyelids.

This Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette is just as it is named, shimmering like stardust from the galaxy. It features 9 shades and provides an array of highly-pigmented and fine powder textures to create the most unique look! If you like matte, satin, or glitter, you will never miss such an eyeshadow palette. Each collection has different 9 colors to help you build the daily makeup look as well as the party look!

The eye shadow is very delicate, and it is easy to extend and smudge. There is no problem with the built-in brush head or other eye shadow brushes. Using it as a primer on this plate has a noticeable effect on reducing swelling. Whether it’s light makeup or full-bodied eye makeup, it is perfect for OL to create a light makeup look. For girls who prefer fine sequins, it is very suitable.

Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette is also friendly to novices, the color rendering and fit are excellent enough, and it is no problem to apply makeup directly by hand. Usually, you don’t need to think about color matching when you use it alone, just a light-colored base and dark-colored smudges are fine.