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How to use lip crayon is a question many people ask. Guys are often seen wearing a lip crayon because it makes their lips in the same color as their shirt. Some lipstick might be too strong for your complexion so you need something that is lighter. Plus, it can make your lipstick last longer, which is something we can all benefit from.

Tips on how to use lip crayon

1. Exfoliate your lips

Before you apply the lip crayon, it is best to exfoliate your lips. This will help the lip crayon to come off easily, plus exfoliation prevents your lips from getting dried out. If you don’t have a lip scrub or a natural one, you can use a little bit of sugar and some water. Rub the sugar into gently on your lips until it becomes smooth. Then rinse with water and apply lip balm if needed.

2. Choose the right color

The product comes in many different colors so it is important that you choose the right color for your skin tone and hair style. The color of the lip crayon is determined by the undertone of your skin, not by the color of your lips. If you are wearing a nude or natural color lip, choosing a pink or peach-toned crayon will give you a nice pop.

3. Apply it evenly

For the application, it doesn’t matter whether it is cream or matte because they both look great on the lips. Rub it evenly around your lips, starting at one corner and finishing at the other corner. This will help to make sure that no area of your lips is left dry and untouched.

4. Moisturize your lips

After applying the lip crayon, it is best to put some moisturizer on your lips. It can prevent dry chapped lips and give your lip crayon a happy ending.

5. Wait for the color to dry

After applying the lip crayon, you need to wait for it to dry before kissing someone. If you kiss right away, it might smear when you move your mouth and there will be a lot of color bleeding all over the place. Wait for about 60 seconds to a minute, and then you can kiss the one you love.

6. Use lip liner and apply lipstick on top to make a statement

It is important that you use lip liner when it comes to using lip crayon. The color will look much better with a matching lip liner underneath it. Plus, if the color of your lipstick and/or crayon changes, it will still be easy to draw another line on the outside of them with lip liner or lipstick to help everything stay in place.

Benefits of using lip crayon

1. Lip crayon boosts lip volume

The lip crayon adds volume to your lips and this is good for those that are self-conscious about thin lips. It will help to make your lips look fuller so you can hide imperfections with confidence.

2. It allows you to use less lipstick

Lipsticks tend to be thicker, which means they take longer to dry than a lip crayon might. Lipsticks can also be more expensive and may not dry down well on the lips if it is not applied evenly enough. Lipstick can also bleed more than a lip crayon as it doesn’t have a heavy wax base like lipstick does. This explains how to use lip crayon.

3. Lip crayon can be a good base for any lipstick

When you use a lip crayon, it will help your lipstick last longer. There is also a chance that it will act as your lip liner, depending on the color you choose. Plus, if you don’t like the color of your lipstick or any other makeup after applying it and want something different, the lip crayon can save the day by giving you an easy way to change things up.

4. It can make your lips look fuller and bigger in a natural way

Lipstick is often too heavy for smaller lips so they may look stretched out or fake when wearing lipstick. Lip crayon can balance it out because it is lighter and lasts longer.

5. It doesn’t bleed as much as lipstick does

There is nothing worse than having your lipstick wear off on anything you touch, or getting food on your lips when you are eating lunch. Lip crayon doesn’t have a wax base like lipstick does so it will be less likely to bleed onto the things around you or onto your skin when you eat something that has red coloring in it.

In conclusions, for guys, lip crayon can be a great alternative to wearing lipstick. Lip crayon is easy to apply and allows you to use less lipstick when you have a light or medium skin tone. This will give you the perfect way to make your lips look even more beautiful than they already are! These explains how to use lip crayon.