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What’s the best retractable lip brush? You’ve probably always thought of lip brushes as a no-brainer. But after using it, you will find that it is much better than applying it directly, especially when applying lip glaze. If you want to have a flawless makeup look, lip makeup is the finishing touch. The moment you paint your lips, you can often light up the entire makeup.

But it’s not easy to draw well. Some fairies don’t feel plump and moist enough no matter what color or texture of lipstick they wear. The lip glaze will be very thick when applied directly, and occasionally it will be slanted. After wiping with a finger swab or tissue, the entire lip line becomes blurred, and it takes a lot of time to process. Using a lip brush is much better, it can control a good amount while applying it evenly.

A Lip brush is a makeup tool for applying lipstick, generally made of mink hair, nylon, and horse hair. The advantage of the lip brush is that it can accurately outline the outer contour of the lips, deal with the details such as the corners of the mouth that are not easy to handle, and make the entire color more plump and moisturizing.

The retractable lip brush can also help you maximize the repair of lip imperfections and fill in the lip lines. Make your lip makeup fuller without floating color, and restore the true color of lipstick to the greatest extent. The most important thing is that the lip brush can easily use up the lipstick remaining in the lipstick tube without wasting it at all.

There are many different brands and styles of lip brushes on the market, if you want to find the best lip brush, you can choose the one with even color, soft touch, lightweight, and easy to carry.

A good lip brush can help you draw more defined lips. Unique retractable design, easy to carry, suitable for all-day makeup. This retractable lip brush is very suitable for makeup lovers and professional makeup artists to go out with makeup.

How to apply lipsticks or gel with the best retractable lip brush

First, use a lip brush to outline the shape of the right part of the lip. You can also draw the lip shape in the same way on the left side, and then use the lip brush to dip in the lipstick to fill the overall lip color. Before painting the upper lip, you can sip your lips first to make the lipstick more plump and stylish. The lower lip is easier to paint than the upper lip, so you must paint it full enough, and of course enough of attention.

Then there is the upper lip part, remember to start from the corner of the lip and slowly outline the lip shape upwards. When drawing half the outline of the upper lip, you can use the line in the middle of the lip as the boundary, and then draw the lip on the side.

The first time you use a lip brush, you need to clean it first. First of all, you are worried about whether the lip brush is stained with bacteria before sealing. Secondly, because the newly opened lip brush is relatively hard, if you use it directly without washing, it will naturally not work. outstanding. And some lip brushes have a plastic smell, so washing them is faster than not washing them.

When cleaning the lip brush, no matter whether it is retractable or not, just simply rinse it with warm water a few times and then press down along the lip brush with the pulp of your finger. Of course, you can also buy a professional lip brush cleaner to clean it. The lip brush should not be cleaned every time you use it, otherwise, the lip bristles will fall off.

The lip brush can choose soft fiber hair, generally, there are two choices: pointed and round. Because the cap of this texture is delicate and soft, the touch is elastic and the makeup is fuller. What’s the best retractable lip brush? We try to use a double-headed design. One pointed tip can outline the lip line, and the other round tip can fill the lip shape and apply makeup quickly.