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  5. How to choose a contour brush for nose and how to use it?

The contour brush for nose may be an inconspicuous makeup tool that many would overlook its importance, but the choice and application of a nose-shadow brush can also have a significant impact on our makeup overall.

Different makeup tools have different roles. A contour brush for nose, as the name implies, is a tool specifically designed to draw nose-shadow. Just like makeup brushes, there are many kinds of nose-shadow brushes. So, when choosing a nose-shadow brush, what should we choose?

1. Better angle of the brush bristles to fit the bridge of the nose

Because the junction of the nose and the eye sockets is grooved, so when painting nose shadow, the more you can fit the oblique angle of the nose the better, about 30 degrees angle to 45 degrees angle just.

2. Brush bristles do not come off easily

If you find that the brushes are starting to shed, it is time to replace them. The bristles are already damaged, and when you use such a brush to apply makeup, the bristles will fall out and it may affect the makeup look.

3. The brush head is just the right size for the little knuckle

If the nose shadow is drawn too wide it will look strange and look a bit abrupt, so the brush head size is also something to pay attention to. The size of the nose shadow brush head is about the same size as the first knuckle of the pinky.

Can a contour brush for nose be used instead of an eyeshadow brush?

For many newbies, eyeshadow brush is equivalent to nasal shadow brush, the question arises, can eyeshadow brush be used as nasal shadow brush? There are many kinds of eyeshadow brushes, and the halo brush inside can be used to draw nasal shadow, which is used to halo the effect is very good.

Makeup novices in makeup, must figure out the makeup technique of nasal shadow brush, otherwise the effect of nasal shadow drawn out is that there will be deep traces between the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows. The lines of the nasal shadow must be straight, otherwise it is easy to easily draw the nasal shadow crooked. The other thing is that you need to pay attention to the halo, so that the lines become softer, so that the nasal shadow appears more natural.

How to use the contour brush for nose?

Step 1: First of all, the main focus is on the nose-head, so the nose-shadow I also emphasize this place. The principle that the first stroke down in makeup should be the heavier part of the whole, use the nasal shadow brush to emphasize this place first, which is also the deeper part of the whole nasal shadow structure.

Step 2: Subsequently, wipe the excess shadow powder on the halo brush on a tissue and do not dab new shadow powder. On the basis of the first step will be the two heaviest areas of the swoosh away, respectively to the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose and nose and finally to the nose with a little bit of swoosh, the color block are swoosh away until.

Step 3: The most fearful thing about shadows is that there is a clear line between the highlight area and the shadow area, so the nose looks very strange. So, we will use matte highlighter powder to soften the border of the previous shade, the highlight and shadow will be a perfect blend.

How to choose a contour brush for nose?

When selecting a nose shadow brush, you should try it on your face or on the back of your hand. A nose shadow brush with no irritation will be of better quality.

First of all, you should check if it is a good nose shadow brush for your skin, the part of the bristles is smooth, the bristles are neatly arranged, elastic and thick. It has a strong ability to grab the powder when it is dipped into the nose shadow powder, and it grabs the powder evenly.

Now, it’s time to buy one contour brush for nose which suits you and apply a charming and special makeup!