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Especially for newbies if choosing the best eyeshadow base color is critical, especially in the face of so many eyeshadow color numbers on the market, it can be very confusing. If you are new to makeup, it is advisable to choose the best earth color that will not make any mistakes, in addition to the color that is closer to the skin color to base, usually there is no mistake. Next, let’s take a closer look at earth tone eyeshadow.

What is a versatile earth tone eyeshadow?
Earth tone eyeshadow is an eyeshadow that has an earth tone color. Earth tone eyeshadow is suitable for most people and is generally the first choice for makeup. For makeup beginners, it is relatively easier and safer to choose earth tones than other bright shades. Earth tone eyeshadow is that are usually brownish and brownish and belong to warm tones. This type of eyeshadow is not picky about people’s skin tone and is suitable with most makeup looks.

If we want to differentiate by color, it should lean towards brown and includes a range of shades of bronze, gray, green, orange, white, blue, and slightly red. Regarding the season, although this color can be used all year round, it is still recommended for the fall and winter seasons due to its dark color.

The overall color of earthy eyeshadow is brown or tan, but due to different brands, textures, and additives, the color may vary in shades and shine, so you can choose according to your personal preference.

Even if the beauty of the makeup technology is not very good, you can also use the earth color eyeshadow to modify our eyes, easily cover up the eye defects. If many girls with darker skin color are sometimes worried about what kind of eye shadow to choose to match their own, in fact, the earth tone is the best eyeshadow base color.

Purchasing tips:
When you buy the earth tone eyeshadow, you have to choose the shine according to your eyes. The beauty whose eyes look a little puffy should never choose that kind of glossy, while the beauty whose eyes are very concave can choose a good glossy eyeshadow.

In the process of selection, we can use a brush to dip a little eyeshadow on the back of the hand, turn the back of the hand to observe the change in gloss, the more intense the change, the more shiny the eyeshadow looks is the gloss is the better. Earthy eye shadows are usually divided into high-gloss earthy shades and matte earthy shades, so you can buy different shades to use with different shades to achieve the effect of light and dark changes in the eyes.

How to draw earth tone eyeshadow?
The most common type of eyeshadow on the market is the two-color merged earth tone eyeshadow, for which the usage is the simplest. We have to start by priming the entire eyelid with a light color, and the priming area includes this eyelid to the eye socket. So how do you determine the position of the eye socket? That is when you close your eyes and gently touch your eyelid with your hand, the curved groove where you feel your eyeball dimple is the eye socket.

Then we use the darker color to apply inside the eyelid crease, which can be a few millimeters beyond the eyelid crease. If you feel that the two colors are not very natural together, we will finally use our fingers to lightly smudge the eyeshadow powder in the transition area and we are done.

In addition, we can also choose a gold eyeshadow that is close to our skin tone and use it as a base color, applying it to three-quarters of the eyelid at the corner of the eye. After that, choose a dark brown with shimmer to apply on the remaining quarter of the upper eyelid and sweep the remaining dark brown all over the upper eyelid to make a natural transition between the two colors.

Next, it is best to use an eyeshadow brush to dip an appropriate amount of light brown and sweep it on the lower part of the eyelid. Finally, use the champagne color to apply on the lower corner of the eyes, in order to brighten our eyes and make our whole eyes look brighter and more dynamic.

Also, when applying eyeshadow, we should pay attention to the fact that we try to use a soft and fluffy eye shadow brush to apply the makeup so that the eye shadow drawn will look more natural.

Is it not as difficult to choose eye shadow as you think? Believe in yourself, as long as you have enough knowledge of cosmetics about the best eyeshadow base color plus your own efforts will definitely make yourself very satisfied with the makeup.