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This tutorial will explain what brush to use to apply bronzer to help beginners choose an appropriate brush. As we all know, there are a large number of brushes that can help you apply cosmetics, while the brush that is used to apply the bronzer can be divided into several types. Now I’ll introduce bronzer brush to you. Let’s start!

The shape of the brush
Generally, the brushes with beveled arcs or round brush heads can be used to apply bronzer, which is more convenient to fit the facial curves. Moreover, the contour brush is mainly used to modify the cheekbones, forehead and the areas under the lips. Therefore, a larger brush head is required in order to smudge the shadow on your face.

In addition, the most commonly used brush features a beveled brush head. The beveled brush shape can better fit the facial contour so as to achieve a better contour effect. This angled bronzer brush has soft bristles and strong powder grasping ability, and it can also be used as a blush brush.

The material of the brush
The bristles are mainly made of man-made fiber hair and animal hair, of which animal hair can be divided into fleece, horse hair, gray mouse hair and squirrel hair. But there are some distinctive differences between these two kinds of bristles.

Artificial hair is resistant to water and oil. It can be washed repeatedly without the unique smell of animal hair, but the hair feels hard and rough so one will feel uncomfortable when it is used on the face. What’s more, its ability to smudge is poor. The animal hair is soft which won’t increase burdens on your face. Another advantage is that it has a strong ability to grasp powder so experienced make-up artists will prefer it. But it will have a strong odor if it has not undergone special treatment.

Classification of the brushes
Facial contour brush
When you are contouring cheeks, it doesn’t matter whether the brush head is round or flat. Usually, the brush with a larger brush head is appropriate because a larger brush head is easier to smudge a large area on the cheeks, and it can improve your makeup efficiency.

● Nose shadow brush
If you use a brush for shadowing your nose, the brush head should be relatively small with a flame-like or round shape. Also, there are some beveled and flat brush heads for contouring the nose is delicate work. You can choose one that is easy for you to use.

The contour brush is not the bigger the better. When we talk what brush to use to apply bronzer, some may think the bigger one is better. That’s wrong. You should select one according to the areas that you are going to smudge.

How to choose a brush
To distinguish a brush’s quality, the key is to look at the texture of the bristles. The bristles of professional brushes are generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. The texture of animal hair is soft and can evenly apply the color to your face without any hurt to your skin. In general, animal hair is the best material for bristles. However, some brushes require a certain degree of hardness to achieve better makeup effects, so they are composed of animal hair and artificial fibers.

● The bristles that feel soft and smooth with firm and full structure are the most intuitive sign of a good brush.
● You can hold the bristles with your fingers and brush down gently to check whether the bristles are easy to fall off, or press the brush on the back of your hand and draw a semi-circle to check whether the bristles are neatly cut.
● You can also blow the bristles with hot air to distinguish what types they belong to. If the bristles that can keep the original state are made of animal hair, otherwise they are man-made fibers.

After reading this, can you answer what brush to use to apply bronzer? If you have other questions, you can click our website and there are other helpful tutorials. Besides, you can select cosmetics that you need on it which can be delivered to your home.