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What is lash primer and how to use it? The main function of eyelash primer is to shape and thicken. The eyelash primer contains a setting liquid and some white fibers, which can make the eyelashes longer when brushing the eyelashes later and can create beautiful eyelashes that are curled and well-defined.

If you are not very good at brushing eyelashes, you often do not apply them well when applying mascara. Either it falls or the brush is too thin. You can use eyelash primer, which can help you apply eye makeup better.

If you do not have enough budget, then eyelash primer is not a must. If you’re lucky and your lashes are thicker and curled up, it’s enough to apply mascara. But if your natural lashes aren’t curled enough and don’t grow long, it’s important to use an eyelash primer to set and add volume to your lashes.

What is lash primer and its usage?

Curl the eyelashes first, this is very important, otherwise, it will be useless later. After clipping, apply a layer of primer to the upper and lower eyelashes. You can apply it a few more times depending on the effect. After you are satisfied, start applying mascara. Apply mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes, and the furry eyes are super cute! If you want to remove makeup, you must use a professional eye and lip remover.

Curly and thick eyelashes can make the eyes look more energetic, so mascara and eyelash primer products are derived. So what is the role of eyelash primer? Before brushing mascara, comb the eyelashes first Then use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes out of the curling degree, and use the force evenly to avoid unnatural vertical angles.

Rotate back and forth to take out the eyelash brush and press ahead of the bottle to remove excess paste. When brushing the lashes, the eyes look down at the top half of the brushed lashes, then the eyes look up at the bottom half of the brushed lashes. When brushing the lower eyelashes, the eyelash brush is perpendicular to the eye. Do not blink within 10-15 seconds after brushing to avoid contamination.

Eyelash primer is mainly a white liquid, which is white when applied to the eyelashes but will become transparent or translucent after some time. Eyelash primer is easier to set eyelashes than mascara and can keep the eyelashes in a slightly curled state all the time so that the eyelashes have a distinct appearance.

And the eyelash primer can make the eyelashes curl and curl all day long, the effect is very long-lasting, but its effect is not as good as eyelashes The cream is so good, that it makes the lashes look long and thick. Coupled with eyeliner and eyelash curler, it will make your eyes big and energetic, but black mascara is very easy to smudge, and the effect is not long-lasting, so use eyelash primer before applying mascara, no smearing will occur.

The role of mascara is reflected in three points. After application, lashes can be thick, curly, and slender. When using mascara, it is usually equipped with fibers. Mascara is responsible for thickening the color of the lashes, and the fibers have the effect of lengthening the lashes.

You must be careful when brushing the eyelashes, and try to keep your hand as light as possible. The trick is to shake the eyelashes gently and push the brush outwards so that you can brush out long and thick lower eyelashes. If you have no experience in brushing eyelashes, you may wish to buy a cotton swab or cotton pad to cover the brush, to avoid mistakes.

It should be noted that even if you only use one eyelash primer, you need to use a special eye makeup remover to carefully remove makeup when removing makeup. Although eyelash primer is transparent and colorless, if the chemicals it contains stay at the root of the eyelashes for a long time, it will also have a certain impact on the growth of eyelashes and even the health of the eyes.

What is lash primer? The function of eyelash primer has been shared above, as well as the usage method and the order of using eyelash primer and mascara, which can be used as reference suggestions, and you can choose according to your own needs. We will introduce the above questions here. Hope it can help you all.