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Do you prefer heavy eye make up or nude one? Eyeshadow is an essential part of everyone’s makeup. Although some people don’t like to wear eye makeup, it has to be said that even lighter eye makeup can add a lot of color to the entire makeup.

If you want to talk about eye shadow colors that are suitable for daily use, then everyone will first nominate earth colors. After all, they are practical and not easy to step on the thunder. It is estimated that no color system dares to stand up and say that they are the first except the earth tone.

Tired of the heavy eye make up look?
For people with heavy work or schoolwork, it is obviously not practical to put on makeup for an hour. When you get up in the morning, you must be eager to go out as quickly as possible, so today we will teach you how to paint your daily makeup with several eyeshadow palettes from Perfect Diary!

Color: 03 Not My Day in the Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette is Perfect Diary’s most understated eyeshadow. This disc looks like a matte disc. It feels soft and glutinous, and it is very delicate. If you look carefully, there is actually a bit of satin in it, but it is not obvious. This matte earth color is actually very friendly to friends with swollen eyes. It can make the eyes look deep and visually reduce swelling.

In terms of color rendering, it can be seen at a glance that it is a product that is biased towards daily or Japanese and Korean makeup, because the color rendering is very low, and the painted makeup is relatively light. If you want to make eye makeup more obvious, you need to add several layers to show it. Thus, this is also a palette for heavy eye make up if you apply it well.

If you want to put on a work makeup look, this eyeshadow palette is a good choice and it is very convenient to use. First, use the INHALE in the lower left corner as the base color, and smudge the eye socket cleanly. Apply HARD TO LOVE on the front 2/3 of the double eyelid crease. Then use the color in the middle of the second row as the darkening color and spread it at the end of the eye. And the black color drawn in the last row is softer than the eyeliner effect.

Of course, if you like to spice up yourself with pearly eyeshadow, here’s a palette for you too! The biggest difference between the Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette and the Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette above is that the three colors of this plate are all pearly, and the flash is much higher.

People with swollen eyes will silently say goodbye to the full pearl when they see it, but the glitter inside is not the kind of big glitter that is eye-catching. It is still relatively delicate and low-key, and it will be more conspicuous when it is under the light. Coupled with the blessing of earth tones, although the swelling effect is not as good as the previous one, it will not make the eyes look more swollen.

The powder of this eyeshadow is also very fine to the touch, and the upper eyes are very smudged. It is quite suitable for beginners who are just starting to learn makeup and students who usually go out with light makeup. Its color rendering is similar to that of the nine-color plate above, and a thin layer of it has the feeling of a scheming pseudo-no-color.

For example, you can first use the color in the upper left corner as the base color to smudge the entire eye socket. Although the color rendering is not high, you should still pay attention to a small amount and multiple times to fully smudge it! Then use the first brown in the second row to apply to the crease of the double eyelid, and you can also use the last light pink to smudge.

Secondly, the dry rose and dark brown in the lower right corner can be used to darken the end of the eye, but here it can also be used at the root of the eyelashes as eyeliner halo dyeing, which can reduce the abruptness of dark eyeliner in light eye makeup.