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The blue and green eyeshadow looks terrific if you know how to wear the eye makeup correctly. For beginners, it may not be that easy to wear such distinguished eye makeup. Brown and pink eyeshadow looks are easier to practice and wear. If you want to give a shot at this makeup, we will share some tips with you today.

Pick up the right eyeshadow palette

Purchasing the wrong eyeshadow palette will waste your time and money. Some low-quality eyeshadows are hard to apply and your makeup will run if you sweat. Quality eyeshadows are long-lasting with a wonderful finish. Therefore, you should carefully select all the cosmetics including foundation, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

How to buy reliable cosmetics? Some famous brands are reputable for quality products. The price, however, is not affordable for everyone. To find a store offering reliable and affordable products is not that easy, but you can trust Perfect Diary, a company dedicated to providing premium products at a reasonable cost.

The eyeshadow and lipstick collections in our store are highly welcomed among consumers. Here, I recommend one eyeshadow palette you cannot miss for wearing the blue and green eyeshadow looks.

Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Butterfly Color: 07 Sika Deer

In this palette, 12 colors are available including glittering blue and gentle green. Without a doubt, using the product properly, you will wear any kind of dreamy eyeshadow makeup. The colors are stunning. Besides, this palette can meet your demands: long-lasting and a variety of finishes. A professional brush is attached. Any combination of the random colors will bring you a different experience.

Blue and green eyeshadow looks wearing tips

This peacock-like eyeshadow makeup requires patience and skills. Before wearing the eye makeup, you need to make sure the foundation makeup is ready. Apply liquid foundation to your face and cover the imperfections with concealers. Then, prime your eyelids and get them prepared to receive eyeshadow. These are the basic steps you need to do before wearing colorful makeup.

Without a good base makeup, your skin is easier to be damaged and the makeup will not be what you expect it to be. Before applying the cosmetics, remember to moisturize your skin. Now, we can start to learn how to wear this eye makeup.

Step 1

Apply the matte blue finish eyeshadow right to the crease of your eyelid. If you do not know how much you should blend the eyeshadow, you can open your eyes after applying it. The eyeshadow line should be a bit above the crease.

Step 2

Then, blend the green eyeshadow with the blue base on the edges of the shade. Avoid blending the color near your eyelashes. Here, we leave some space for another shade. You can pick up a lighter green or yellow-green shade of eyeshadow and blend it on the edges again.

To make the look more sophisticated and layering, pick the light-yellow shade and blend it to the edges and the area near your brows. Return to the blue you use at the beginning to intensify the blue shade and the contrast and make the transition more natural.

Step 3

Apply the darker blue shade to the crease. Then blend the light and shimmering blue shade to the middle area of your lid to light up the eye makeup. And pat the glittering darker blue eyeshadow over your lid gently.

Step 4

Don’t forget the lower eyelid. Apply the blue shade to the lid and blend it on your lashes. Repeat the same step as you apply the upper lid eye shadow, blend the green shade over the edges. Basically, the eye makeup is done. Now, you can curl your lashes and curl them upwards a bit so that they will look thicker. The final step is to apply the mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.


These are the simple four steps of wearing blue-green eyeshadow makeup. You may not wear it perfectly for one time. For beginners, practice and patience are always the most important. You have to go through several trials and errors before being proficient in wearing makeup. Don’t worry, we will always be here to help you and offer advice. Hope this article is helpful for you.