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A natural rose gold makeup will make you think of the old saying that every rose has its thorn. If you want to look not only attractive but also unique like a gorgeous rose shimmering in the sunshine, then this will be a makeup tutorial that you can’t miss this summer!

The most important part of this natural rose gold look is the eyeshadow. Here I will recommend an eyeshadow palette for you. It is Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette from Perfect Diary. The color is 01 Violet Temptation. This eyeshadow palette is very awesome. It features 9 shades and provides an array of textures for creating matte, satin, and glitter. You can even use this for blushes, bronzers and highlight. This palette can help you make endless looks, and today we will introduce how to use it to create a natural rose gold makeup.

Step1: After priming your skin, use an appropriate makeup sponge to apply the foundation on your face to balance your skin tone. You can fold the sponge so that the foundation can be well blended to the nasolabial sulcus or two sides of the nose. Then if you unluckily have pimples you can use a concealer to cover up the redness so as to create a natural and clear looking base.

Step2: Wear a gold rose eyeshadow. This is the core of this look. You need a blender brush and prime your entire eyelid with the shade of CREAMY. This can make your eyeshadow easier to blend. Then start to blend the orange-pink color MEANT TO LOVE YOU into the outer corners and lower lash line, and then add a little bit to the crease. Apply the brownish red color to the outer corners to create more depth to the eyes. Choose the gold rose color FEVER with glitter and add to your eyelid. Add some of the dark brown color ESPRESSO to emphasize the crease lines more. The final part of this natural gold rose eyeshadow is to add the bright pink color ROSARY to the center of the eyelid, and we’ve done with it.

Tips: Remember that you should spend your time when applying the natural gold rose eyeshadow because it is evenly pigmented. You can’t apply too much or too quickly once at a time. You’d better use a brush to go back and forth, applying a little bit at a time to make sure there are no harsh lines or harsh edges.

Step3: Draw along the lash line and extend up with black eyeliner. Curl lashes for added lift, and then apply mascara twice in order to make it last longer. Apply the boldest brown color in the palette to your eyebrows so that you can get a brown eyebrows look, and you can use an eyebrow mascara in the brown shade to even out the color in order to match your gold rose makeup well.

Step4: You can use the color CINNAMON in the Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette for bronzers. Just blend it into the jawline using a brush so as to make your face look slimmer. You can also use it to define your nose shape. Then highlight the nose bridge and the cheekbone to perfect your complexion.

Step5: Choose a blush in a warm shade. The color LILAC in the Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette is rather beautiful and can match well with this look. Smile, then apply it to the highest parts of your cheekbones. This will help in making your face look bright and radiant like a rose!

Finally, choose an orange-toned lipstick to match the rose gold eye makeup, and the whole look is completed. Go try it and see how amazing you will be!


An important part of a natural rose gold makeup look is the eye shadow, so applying eye shadow well is half the battle. This look is paired with Perfect Diary’s Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette, which can be used not only for eyeshadow, but also for bronzer and blush. In order to make the makeup look more natural and unified in color, orange-toned lipstick and brown mascara have been applied so that the whole tone is like a gold rose.