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Have you bought a dark red eyeshadow palette but found out it is hard to use? Do you want to try the dark red eyeshadow makeup but do not know how to start? We see some stars wearing red eye makeup but are not sure whether we are suitable to wear. In fact, once you master the techniques, wearing crimson eye makeup is not a problem.

Fascinating golden and dark red eye makeup

Before wearing this style of eyeshadow makeup, you need to consider your skin tone because not all skin colors are suitable to wear. If you indeed want to take a shot, you can use a liquid foundation to change the skin tone. For example, if your skin is very fair, you may need to make it look a bit warmer so that it can better present the vividly red eye makeup.

After priming your eyelid, you can start to use the dark red eyeshadow palette. Dip some nude shade with the eyeshadow brush to spread out the base layer. Draw circles with the brush around the edges of your eye socket until the eyelid color looks natural and blends with your skin color.

Then, choose the warmer color and apply it to the outer area, covering the nude based with an eyeshadow brush. Enhance the color of the crease repeatedly still with the circling movement. To make the eye look more multi-layered. Apply another darker shade so that the base eyeshadow makeup color will look like sunset, warm and beautiful.

Keep blending until you think the color looks natural. You can use the same techniques when applying other kinds of eyeshadow makeup. Then, pick up the brown shade and pat it over the end of your eyelid so that the eyeshadow can look smoky. All the dark shades are prepared for highlighting the light area. In this case, your eyes will look bright and bigger.

When applying the brown color, pay attention to the area near your eyelashes and the lower eyelid area. Constantly circling the makeup brush and you will see the amazing result. Expand the area of circling to the middle area. After applying these shades, the transition of different colors will be natural.

Now, you can use a smaller eyeshadow brush to apply the smaller area with the dark red eyeshadow palette. Apply the glittering nude shade to the inner area of your eyelid. Carefully pat on the transitional line so that the light color can blend with the darker shade more naturally. Don’t forget the inner eye sockets where the glittering eyeshadow should also be applied.

If you accidentally apply the eyeshadow out of the right area, don’t worry, it is common to make the mistake. We can use a concealer to cover the imperfections and make the eye look cleaner and sharp. The last part of applying the eyeshadow is the highlight. Applying the golden shining eyeshadow makes the eye makeup immediately different.

Then, the makeup will look much more sophisticated and attractive. The golden color reminds people of bright sunlight. It is awesome to wear eyeshadow makeup on various occasions. The final step to finishing the eye makeup is to wear eyeliner and mascara.

You can use the eyeliner brush instead of liquid eyeliner which is easier to use for beginners. After wearing the makeup with the dark red eyeshadow palette, don’t forget to wear the rest matching makeup.

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To sum up

Today, we have introduced how to wear the smoky red eyeshadow. Wearing makeup requires patience and persistence. We know it’s a bit painful at the beginning. Continuous practices, however, will make a difference. As your loyal partner, we are always glad to answer your questions and offer advice.