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The more you learn about hide-concealer where to buy, the better your foundation will be. Concealer is a kind of makeup targeted to the imperfections on your face, such as dark spots, dark circles, and wrinkles. If you apply it well, you can have a cleaner foundation. As we all know, the foundation is the most important step of makeup. Here are some tips on concealer, including the differences among them, the application, and product recommendations.

Before learning about hide-concealer where to buy, how can you differentiate types of concealers to different skin types?
Concealers, like foundations, have different types targeting different skin types. For dry skin, I recommend concealers with hydrating ingredients to nourish your skin. It will help your skin shine if you apply the right color for you. For oily skin, non-oil products are better for you. Combine it with loose powder to extend the lasting time. The creamy concealer is the right choice for both dry and oily skin since it cannot only retain the radiance of the face but is long-lasting.
Generally, dark colors of concealers to erase the dark spots and circles on your skin, light colors, however, are applied to brighten your skin. There are also other colors of concealers, like green and purple, to erase red acne and dark circles respectively.

How to apply hide concealer where to buy?
1. Makeup tools

First, please prepare makeup tools. You need a concealer brush, sponge, q-tips, or your fingers. The conceal brush and sponge help you blend the concealer. The q-tip can correct the details. If you think it is a tedious process, your fingers are also the best makeup tools for you.

2. Loose powder
Every time you apply concealer to your skin, please remember to apply loose powder after it, in case the foundations go mottled. Have some powder on the powder brush or sponge and make sure that the powder has covered the surface of the tools. Gently push it on the area you just applied the concealer. Then, gently smear the brush on the round of the area. In this way, the concealer won’t be erased in the process of makeup.

3. Before your foundation
Some imperfections on the face are recommended to be erased before the foundation, like dark spots on the face. Because the dark spots on the face are obvious, concealing them before the foundation will be better. Pick a bit of concealer on the dark or red spots and apply a concealer brush to blend it outward. Please pay attention that it cannot be blended too many times, or the makeup tools will take away most of the concealer. Then apply loose powder to ensure it stays on your face.

4. After your foundation

Other imperfections, like dark circles, are concealed after the foundation. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate, and easily has wrinkles. Also, pick a bit of concealer and draw a short line on the dark circles. Then, blend it with a brush or sponge. After it, apply loose powder or setting spray to the whole face.

5 Erase the wrinkles
To erase the wrinkles is not like erasing the spots on your face. Apply the light-color concealer and pick a bit on the wrinkle. Gently blend it outward along the wrinkle and use a q-tip to correct details.

Product recommendation
Beauties who are interested in hide-concealer where to buy, but can’t decide which one to choose, I recommend the following products for you:
The first product is The Perfect Diary Flawless Glaze Silky Touch Liquid Concealer.
It is a concealer with an applicator and has different colors targeted to different skin colors. It is a creamy concealer to help brighten skin and give the skin a firmer, more lifted look.
The second product is The Perfect Diary Clear Cover 3-color Concealer Palette. It contains three colors, which can meet most needs of erasing imperfections. Firstly, press the puff 2-3 times into the powder. Then, gently tap the puff on your hand to remove the excess powder. Finally, dab the puff lightly on the spots or the whole face. You also can use a sponge or brush to conceal the dark spots.