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How to apply highlighter stick correctly? Many makeup beginners will have the same problem, that is, when they are learning to use highlight sticks to draw highlights for themselves, they often get the wrong order of highlight sticks, and they don’t know how to use highlights to make their own highlights.

The face shape becomes more beautiful and three-dimensional, and the perfect makeup is drawn. Then, let me introduce you to the order of using the highlight stick, and teach you how to apply highlighter stick correctly to draw a good-looking makeup.

When putting on makeup, under normal circumstances, after we have done the pre-makeup skin care, we should start the base makeup. Some girls will choose to use the highlighter after the base makeup, although this is not impossible. , but this is not the correct way to use it.

The correct order of application of the highlighter stick should be after contouring, that is to say, after applying base makeup, we should start using contouring. Once the contouring is complete, you can start using the highlighter. After highlighting yourself with a highlighter stick. Then use an appropriate amount of loose powder to set the makeup to make the makeup last longer.

Many people focus their makeup on the eyes, but if you want a three-dimensional sense of facial features, a highlighter stick is indispensable. Highlighter sticks are for brightening. So, how to apply highlighter stick? The highlighter stick is used to brighten the face. The main parts of highlighting are generally on the forehead, the sides of the cheeks, and the sides of the nose.

The highlighter can be applied by hand, but it should be patted lightly and not repeatedly rubbed. In addition to applying by hand, you can also use a makeup brush or sponge egg, which is more convenient to use.

The high-light powder is generally used to use a high-light brush to apply makeup, and it is difficult to open it if you directly highlight it with your hands. No matter what kind of highlights you use, you need to apply the highlights evenly so that the highlight eye color transitions naturally.

The use of the highlights will make your face more vivid. After base makeup and contouring, apply a highlighter stick on the forehead, nose bridge, nose, under the dark circles, chin, and other parts that need highlighting, then gently pat open with a sponge or finger, and finally wipe the whole face with loose powder to set the makeup.

Compared with the highlighter, the compact highlighter stick is more convenient to carry and meets the needs of girls who want to touch up makeup anytime, anywhere. The creamy highlighter contains more oil, which will make the skin look flawless and cover some pores. When applied, it will make the face more three-dimensional and contoured.

The paste-like highlighter has a moisturizing texture, contains more oil, and will not cause the phenomenon of sticking powder or makeup. Many girls feel that it is not easy to push off when using a paste-like highlighter, and it is very thick, but in fact, as long as the quality is in place, it will be very smooth to use.

The most common highlight color is white with pearlescent highlights, which is used most frequently. This white highlight is very versatile. For fair-skinned girls, this highlight will be very suitable, usually on the chin and cheekbones. The champagne highlight is a very hot color, it is a little more special, with a little gold-tone and metallic feel, it is suitable for girls with darker skin tones, and with makeup techniques, you can draw very hit makeup.

Due to the dry texture of the highlighter powder, it is more suitable for oily skin. Because the oily skin has a thicker cortical layer and a higher amount of oil on the face, it just neutralizes the dry highlight powder, making it perfectly integrated on the face, showing a natural watery skin feeling. You can consider our Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder, an intergalactic dazzle highlighter with microfine diamond-like glitter.

Our highlight powder is blend-able and build-able, and breaks easily when you dab a brush on it. A shimmering item that lights up your face that lasts a day long!