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The soft black eyebrow pencil is often used when wearing makeup. We all know that eye makeup is the highlight of the whole makeup but the eyebrows are also an essential part. Some people are born with thick and black eyebrows while some are very light. Therefore, knowing how to apply brow pencils is also a form of art. We will lead you to learn how to use eyebrow pencil today.

Eyebrow pencil characteristics

The cream can match your hair color and overall makeup in addition to making your brows more defined. The brow pencil can be used to adjust the color of your brows if you recently dyed your light hair, giving you a more even appearance.

You should be aware of the variations among brow pencil, brow powder, and brow dye if you want to make your brows appear better and more attractive. Drawing your preferred brow shape is the main use of an eyebrow pencil. It is typically used along with forceps and an eyebrow trimmer.

The brow pencil can enhance the color of brows but is not as effective as brow powder. The powder is used to make your brows look thick but it should be used with a pencil. Because it may make your brows look foggy. It is suitable for people who have sparse and light brows to use. As for the brow dye, it can change the brow color temporarily so that the tone of your face can be more balanced.

In general, choosing the right eyebrow pencil is adequate for cosmetic new learners. However, purchasing the brow pencil right for you is not that easy. You need to consider the makeup you usually wear and your skin tone.

There are a variety of brow pencils. As beginners, you may get lost in these products. Don’t worry, we will guide you to learn about these products. The pencil-shaped brow pencil is the most commonly used type.

When the outer refill is used up, you can sharpen it just like using a pencil. However, it is easy to break if the refill is too long and thin. The advantage of this brow pencil is that you can use it to draw delicate brow shapes, but it is hard to control. Therefore, it’s not an ideal option for novices.

Another type of brow pencil has a similar appearance to that of the pencil-shaped but it has a much thicker refill. You don’t need to sharpen it after using it for some time. You can just pull the threads off because it is wrapped by threads.

A more convenient brow pencil is the mechanical brow pencil. When using up the refill, you can just press the button. The refill can be rotated out and back. Therefore, you don’t have to worry the refill will break when it is put in your bag. Apart from these basic brow pencils, you can also purchase the liquid brow pencil. However, we don’t recommend new hands to use it because it is harder to control and remove.

How to use a soft black eyebrow pencil

The brow pencil is not as difficult as other cosmetics to use. Following these steps, you can finish a nice brow makeup. The first step is to find out the starting point of your brows. The starting point should be vertical with the edge of the wing of your nose.

Draw a line from the end of the brow to the edge of the nose wing. If the angle is 45-degree, you find the right endpoint. After defining the start and end point of your brows, the key is to find the right arch point. Many brow shapes are defined by the location of arch points. Again, use the pencil as a stick connecting the arch with the edge of the nose wing until you find the 30-degree angle.

Knowing where the three points are, you can use the soft black eyebrow pencil to draw the brow shape and the brow trimmer. Follow the growing direction of your brow to paint so that the brow makeup can look more natural.


We have introduced the differences between various brow pencils and shared some tips on finding the right brow shape. You can have a try. If you have any questions about wearing makeup, don’t hesitate to contact us.