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When we come to the question of how to apply translucent powder, you will ask what it is. It is used to finish or set your makeup to make your application last on your face. The translucent powder won’t cover your face with some colors or even your tones. This kind of powder will smooth the uneven texture, pores, and roughness on your face. Apply it as the conclusion of your makeup make it glossy and matte. Let’s learn more about translucent powder!

Why do I need to know how to apply translucent powder?

Before we have an idea of how to apply translucent powder, let’s know more about translucent powder. It is a colorless powder and has the following uses. First, it can brighten your face, and reduce oil on your face when you are going out. Second, it can lengthen the time makeup on your face since oils secreted by your skin may destroy your delicate makeup look. Generally, it contains an oil-controlling formula to prevent oil influence and nourishing ingredients to make your face keep glossy.

Tips on how to apply translucent powder

  1. Makeup tools preparation

You can prepare a puff or a large-size dome brush. If you have oily skin, the brush is the preferred one. The application of the brush makes the whole makeup thin. While the puff is better for dry skin and mixed skin, it makes the application fixed on your skin.

  • Areas that need to be noticed

The translucent powder is especially used in the following areas on your face: that is underneath the eyes, around the nose, and on the center of the chin. That is because of the brightness of the powder, and also, these areas easily get oily. However, the whole face is recommended to have this powder at the last step of your makeup.

  • Application of translucent powder

When you finish the normal makeup routine, the blurring powder is waiting for you to conclude your makeup. First, if you apply the puff, gently take the powder and shake the spare powder. Make sure that the powder is evenly on the puff. Pat the puff from the center of your face to the two sides. You can pat twice on the special areas I mention above. Remove the extra powder on your face with a clean brush or puff. If you apply the brush, you need to horizontally put the brush into the powder and make the cover of the brush full of powder, in this way, the makeup won’t be taken away by the brush. Shake the extra powder and sweep it from the center of the face outwards. The areas concealed before need the powder first, the small-size dome brush is recommended. Then, apply the large-size brush to the whole face.

  • Translucent powder or tinted powder?

Some people may wonder if I use translucent powder or tinted powder. On the one side, the tinted powder can help you neutralize skin tones and it is closer to your face color. Thus, it is more functional. On the other side, the translucent powder can conceal the problems on your face with its brightness. The whole makeup will be also more natural with its smoothness, even under harsh light. You can choose according to your actual skin situation.

  • How to refine the makeup

When we go out, the time for us to refine the makeup is limited, therefore, the blurring powder with its supporting puff or brush is recommended. You can just pat some powder on the areas that you think needed to be refined. The areas around the nose and chin are important to be noticed.

Product recommendation

Beauties who have learned how to apply translucent powder must want to get some information about relevant products. Following is the product I recommend for you. That is the Perfect diary Translucent Blurring Loose Powder. It has three types: antioxidant, transparent, and natural. Every one of them is good for every beauty. Here, I strongly recommend the antioxidant version for you. It especially adds an antioxidant formula to the blurring powder, which can protect your face from the damage of ultraviolet rays. You can apply it with the puff in it or with the dome brush. As it is a square box of moderate size, it is easy to carry with you when you go out. Thus, refine your makeup with it!