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What does lash primer do might be confusing to many girls. Some girls may have never tried or heard of lash primer before, and some might have a lash primer in use but do not know what it does and how to use it properly. Eyelash primer is not necessary for overall makeup, but it can make the eyelashes more durable and thicker.

What is lash primer?
Eyelash primers are packaged in a tube-like mascara, and the application method is very similar to mascara. But eyelashes are usually white or transparent, rather than black like mascara.

Eyelash primer contains setting liquid and white fibers, which are used to shape and increase the volume of eyelashes. These fibers attach to the eyelashes, and after a while, they will become transparent or translucent. Use eyelash primer to base the eyelashes, and then apply mascara can make the eyelashes look longer and thicker.

What does lash primer do is that by prepping your eyelashes with lash primer, the primer provides a coat on your lashes and fills in the cracks on it. With proper application, the primer builds a smooth surface for mascara later and extends your lashes with a natural look.

How to apply lash primer?
When the eyelash primer makeup, use an eyelash primer to smear the eyelashes, brush upward from the root of the eyelashes, and let the brush stays for a few seconds. When applying eyelash primer at the end of the eyelashes, you should appropriately reduce the amount of primer to make eyelashes look more natural.

Step1: Curl the eyelashes
When using eyelash primer, use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes. When using an eyelash curler, first gently clip 2 to 3 times from the root of the eyelashes, and then go to the middle part of the eyelashes. Finally, curl the outer side of the eyelashes. When clipping, the force should be light and even so that the eyelashes have a natural curvature. You can skip this part if you are satisfied with the curvature of your eyelashes.

Step2: Apply the primer
The correct application of eyelash primer is like using mascara, brushing the upper half of the lashes, then looking up, brushing the inner half of the lashes close to the eye. When brushing eyelashes, brush from the root of the eyelashes outwards and upwards. The brush should stay on the lash roots for a little longer and apply less to the end of the eyelashes. When brushing the eyelashes, adjust the eyelash stick to a vertical way, brush the lashes one by one, and repeat 1-2 times.

Step3: Let the primer dry
There are conflicts regarding whether you should let dry the primer before applying the mascara. Some claims that if you apply mascara while the primer is still damp, it’s easy for your lashes to lose their shape and collapse. Others say your eyelashes can get clumpy if you apply the mascara after thoroughly drying the primer. So, the best way to find out is to try both ways and decide what’s best for you.

Tips on keeping healthy lashes
Although eyelashes are an essential part of the overall makeup look, it is necessary to pay more attention to the care of eyelashes in addition to beauty.

Control frequency of usage
Eyelash primer is generally harmful to eyelashes. Usually, eyelashes have their growth period, and there will be different degrees of shedding during the growth process, which is normal. If you use eyelashes frequently, it may stimulate the process of eyelashes falling off. But it doesn’t make much difference if you use eyelash primer occasionally.

Remove the primer properly
If the eyelashes are not removed clean, the cosmetics residue will settle in the skin, resulting in dull skin color and lack of luster. If it is not entirely removed for a long time, it will make the skin rough and dull and cause the pores to be blocked and enlarged. Over time, the stratum corneum will be too thick.

After the above introduction, you should now have a specific understanding on what does lash primer do. You can choose whether to use eyelash primer according to your own needs. In the choice of products, you can choose according to your budget and some online evaluation. At the same time, it is also crucial to pay attention to the health of the eyelashes.