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Eyeliner pencil vs liquid, which one do you prefer? Both eyeliner pencil and liquid are one of the important tool products for applying eyeliner in beauty products, we can choose according to our eye condition and our habit of makeup.

Eyeliner pencil vs liquid: what’s their difference
Shape: Eyeliner pencil and liquid are both pen-like, but the shape of the eyeliner pencil is similar to a pencil, and can be used with a pencil sharpener or knife to trim off the excess wooden part.

After opening the lid of the pen, you will find that the tip of the eyeliner pencil is round, and the eyeliner liquid is cone-shaped like a brush. The tip of the liquid pen is thinner, so it is more difficult to handle.

Color: The liquid is an upgraded version of the eyeliner pencil. The eyeliner drawn with liquid is highly saturated and smooth, and the color is darker, making it difficult to blend with eyeshadow.

Eyeliner pencil is relatively easy to color, and natural, and can make a halo of layers. The general eyeliner pencil is able to dry quickly, so you cannot do the effect of smudge like eyeliner pencil and cannot draw the effect of smoky.

Longevity: The advantage of liquid is that it is not easy to smudge when using it. A good eyeliner will not smudge even if you go surfing in the ocean. And eyeliner pencil is easy to stain, if you want to the makeup with a long time, it is not recommended to use eyeliner pencil.

Difficulty of use: Recommended for newcomers is of course the eyeliner pencil, which is used to control the color and can be repeatedly modified. But the liquid, because it is not easy to smudge, do not agree to modify, so it is recommended that you use it after you have become proficient at applying eyeliner.

If you really want to choose the liquid, you can choose a soft-tipped eyeliner pen, because hard-tipped eyeliner pen is more difficult to master.

Eyeliner pencil vs liquid: which one is better?
Thy are both great products, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, the key to see which one is suitable for you. Liquid eyeliner is more suitable for girls who have a certain makeup foundation and are looking for more complicated makeup effects. The color of liquid is highly saturated, and the line is very thin and smooth.

Compared to the eyeliner pencil, it is softer and easier to draw various shapes of eyeliner, but the liquid also has the characteristics of quick drying and not easy to modify, so you should practice diligently and be skilled in order to achieve “a shape”.

The eyeliner pencil is suitable for beginners with zero foundation or for girls who are looking for a nude makeup effect. Because the pencil is relatively soft, its line is more natural and softer, not only is it newbie friendly, but the eyeliner won’t look stiff and rigid.

Even if your hands are shaky when drawing eyeliner, it’s easy to modify its shallow lines, but if you want a long-lasting makeup, the eyeliner pencil will be easier to smudge.

How to use liquid
Outer corner of the eye: Using the liquid, start along the base of the eyelashes at the end of the eye and lift slightly upward, drawing a line of about 1.2 cm.

Corner of the eye: Use the eyeliner liquid along the curve of the eye head, pull out a little bit downward, check sideways to see if the color is filled in, bring it over about 0.5cm to the lower eyelid, and dip the flat-tipped brush into brown eyeshadow and smudge it naturally.

How to use eyeliner pencil
Inner corner of the eye: Use the eyeliner gel pencil horizontally against the root of the eyelashes, depict the eyeliner at the head, and outer corner of the eye, connect 3 lines and fill in the color.

Outlining the sleeping silkworm: Using a brown eyeliner pencil, gently outline the sleeping silkworm shadow at about 0.5 cm below the eye, with a flat-tipped brush to stain naturally. Eyeliner smudging tips, after drawing the eyeliner, use a cotton swab to slightly smudge at outer corner of the eye, you can make the eyeliner look more natural.