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What’s the best waterline eye pencil? In the step of eye makeup, you can change the eye shape in one stroke, only the eyeliner is the weapon! If you want to draw eyeliner well, you must not only have the technique of drawing eyeliner but also have a good eyeliner to match, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.

We all know that liquid eyeliner is divided into two types: soft tip and hard tip. The hard head is composed of a sponge pen, which is thicker for drawing; the fiber brush head is a soft head, which is more detailed and suitable for beginners. Especially for people with sensitive eyes and tearful eyes, the eyeliner you choose must be gentle, non-irritating, waterproof, and not smudge-proof.

You may think that the liquid eyeliner pen should be more delicate in the treatment of the end of the eye, otherwise the overall effect will not be beautiful. Indeed, we use thinner eyeliner in our daily life, but it is not very convenient compared to inner eyeliner, it will be easy to dizzy makeup.

Try this best waterline eye pencil from Perfect Diary
If you want to draw a formed eyeliner smoothly, then Perfect Diary’s Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner is an eyeliner invented for beginners. Its slender figure can help beautiful eyebrows and draw an aura of eyeliner. It is worth mentioning that the water is very smooth and won’t hang water, even if you don’t wear makeup, you can easily control it.

For eyeliner, the design of the tip is very important, it can outline delicate lines, and the small tip is especially good for filling the gap at the root of the eyelashes. The softness and hardness of the pen tip are moderate, no matter what kind of eyeliner you are drawing, it can be easily formed at one time. The fluid is smooth and smooth. It is basically suitable for eyeliner drawing at different angles, and the black color rendering is that foggy black that is not rigid at all.

You may be wondering how it works in daily life. Just imagine rainy days, swimming, and tears, these scenes are very test of the waterproofness of eyeliner. But the film-forming speed of this eyeliner is very fast, it dries out immediately, and the waterproof effect is also very good. It is very friendly to people who often get oily and sweaty. You can try to use it on your hands, and then vigorously rinse it under the faucet for a while, and you will find that the eyeliner does not appear to be rubbed off in large areas.

On the other hand, if the eyeliner is not completely removed, it will lead to pigmentation around the eyes and dull eyes, so whether the eyeliner pen is easy to remove is one of the most important criteria for judging. And this eyeliner can be easily removed with a makeup remover, and there is no stubbornness that is difficult to remove.

If you have not found your best waterline eye pencil, you can have a try on the above one. It is very suitable for drawing inner eyeliner. When you draw it for the first time, you can draw it lightly, and after the outline is drawn, you can draw more heavily, so that the eyes look more energetic after drawing. It is recommended that you use a liquid eyeliner pen when drawing the outer eyeliner and try to use a gel eyeliner pen when drawing the inner eyeliner, but generally, the combination of the two is perfect.

Perfect Diary’s makeup has always been well received, and its Creamy Smooth Longwear Gel Eyeliner is also very easy to use, and the color system is relatively rich, with more gray, white, and cinnamon. The brush strokes are smooth and easy to draw, the nib is neither hard nor soft, and it is easy for novices to use it.

Unlike the Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner, the tip of the pen is thick, and it is difficult for beginners to control the thickness. If you have oily skin, you may experience slight smudges after 6 hours. The color-locking technology and formula are added to the gel pen, so there is no need to worry about smearing.